Dream Questing Session

How were your dreams last night?

Too many people go unconscious about their nighttime dreams, when they are actually one of the most powerful paths to achieving goals. Dreams are a bridge to your powerful nonconscious mind.

A replay of last night’s 90-minute session is available at the bottom of this page: http://www.learningstrategies.com/DreamKelly

We surprised the 3,842 viewers by offering an 8-session live dream training for free! No strings attached. Free!

If you haven’t signed up for that yet, you can do it here. learningstrategies.com/DreamKelly

In this 8-session program you will expand on the concepts of last night with:

• How to declare you will dream and remember your dream.
• How to prepare your dreaming so it is incredibly productive in the direction you want your dreaming to go. In support of your goals.
• How to use your dreams to reclaim your energy and vitality.
• How to zero in on a particular piece of a dream to find the message your nonconscious mind sent you.
• How to take action on a dream to make greater progress on your goals.
• How to turn negative dreams into a positive force, and how to take positive dreams and find greater empowerment for your goals during your waking day.
• How to interpret your dreams.
• How to transform your life through your dreaming. This is the culmination we all want!

Dream Questing begins Wednesday, October 25.

• Sessions will be up to 90 minutes.
• Replays will be available if you cannot make the live sessions.
• I’ll take questions during the live sessions.

Get your free pass here, right now. learningstrategies.com/DreamKelly

For your Dream Questing,
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5 thoughts on “Dream Questing Session

  1. Hello I been having some dreams and my mother keep tell to get ready and she keep telling to get ready real soon like the Rapture is coming real soon

  2. Hello Kelly I been having real bad dream like Vample and people who are trying to kill me and some time I talk to my mother and my grandmother . but I find that my mother tell me that my baby .I get pregnant in 1998 when I lose my weight I lose 154 poud but I find out the it was tube pregnant and lose my baby but my mother said it was a girl so she name her after my great grand mother Ann Mea Sell

    1. Debbie,

      First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your tubal pregnancy…and yet I know in the mind and heart of God, there is ultimately no loss—and your connection to the spirit is in tact…though in a different way than you expected.

      Dreams of vampires and people chasing you trying to kill you may be about something different than you think. To me, dreams of running often about trying to escape something, evade a difficult situation, or turning your back to on an unpleasant experience.

      Although challenging, running from something in dreams are among the most potentially transformative type of dreams we have, because they’re showing up the part of ourselves we’re avoiding. One of the goals of our dreams is to bring us back to our power—and once back in our power, we can grow and develop mastery with the power we do have.

      I invite you to try on the perspective that everyone and everything in your dream is you. You may be running from an aspect of yourself you don’t like (a shadow part that isn’t pretty and gracious like the way you present yourself to the outside world, but is incredibly valuable, none the less.) In other words, this dream may be trying to awaken from the seductive thrill of the hunt. Remember, what you resist will persist. And when you face these things you think are so horrible, is when you will find out how resourceful, talented, powerful you truly are.

  3. I’m so disappointed — I wasn’t able to connect to the final Dream Questing session, no matter what I did. It has been a fantastic series, and I was really anticipating #8.

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