What do E.T.s dream?

What do E.T.s dream?

I’m not joking when I say I keep hearing about people’s E.T. dreams…more and more every day…and that’s not just when I’m on Coast to Coast with George Noory…it’s even when I’m on main stream radio like DrEx Radio in San Francisco…It’s wild! In fact, I’ve been having them myself lately.
Last week I dreamed of the cutest, sweetest, green, noodle-ish alien flying Dana and I (and a bunch of the kids from The Change Is Me International) through outer space-we began to flip around and the alien was spinning the opposite direction in his chair counterbalancing the topsy-turvy-ness of our ride…and eventually balanced us out. I thought, “How sweet…he just took one for the team!”
Ok, before you psychoanalyze me (we can save that for the DreamsUnzipped show today at 10am!), I’m going to have BASHAR channeler, Daryl Anca, on the show with me to discuss this and shed some light about E.T.s, dreams, aliens, and how to expedite our enlightenment process via these dreams!

After experiencing two, close, broad-daylight UFO sightings, Darryl Anka began to research the subject as well as becoming familiar with an array of metaphysical topics, including channeling.

His path led him to become a channel for an extraterrestrial entity called Bashar, which is an Arabic word that means “messenger.” Darryl has channeled Bashar’s information internationally for the past 30 years, providing powerful methods by which people can change their lives in positive ways.

Bashar’s information has been published in over 20 books in the U.S. and Japan and hundreds of CDs and DVDs have been distributed worldwide by April Rochelle, CEO of Bashar Communications.

In addition to his channeling career, Darryl also has over 30 years of experience in miniature effects, storyboards, sets and designs on three Star Trek films, Iron Man, The Aviator, Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, I Robot, Live Free or Die Hard and Flags of our Fathers among several others.

Over the past 5 years, Darryl has shifted his career to writing, directing and producing and has created two feature films, The first, called “Dearly Departed,” is a fictional documentary shot as if the crew took a camera into the afterlife and interviewed the spirits of people who’ve passed on to get their insights on life after death.

“Dearly Departed” is now being distributed through GAIAM TV. Darryl is developing a number of other feature film projects along with his wife and co- producer, Erica Jordan, at their Los Angeles production company, Zia Films and recently completed a documentary called “First Contact” that chronicles his encounters with Bashar and how the UFO sightings set him on the path to become a channel.
Call in to share your dreams, questions, concerns, and ahas with me Daryl Anca: 888-298-KKNW (5569)
Oh yes, if you’re into LUCID DREAMING, you won’t want to miss this show…we’ll also feature part 4 in our series on the Art of Lucid Dreaming, featuring Dream Scientist, Bob Hoss!

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What you may not know about this book is that the Chicken Soup for the Soul editorial team and I had the impossible task of sifting through thousands of dream/premonition stories to find the 101 most sparkling diamonds of the treasure chest of life-changing stories…and the stories you will hear at tonight’s book reading are among the very best in the book.

Hearing these stories will make you a believer-if you aren’t already-and if you are already, by the end of the night you will know that FOR SURE we live in a friendly universe that has our back…especially in our moments of greatest need, when we forget or most desperately need a reminder.

I’m so excited to share these stories with you…and to introduce you to the people in my life that inspire me with their dreams and stories of premonitions.

I can’t wait to see you there! Friday, April 8th Book Signing at Mystic Journey Book Store, Venice, CA. Meet the California authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions.

LIVE book reading and signing of extraordinary stories of dreams and premonitions that will give you goose bumps, make you cry (in a good way), and turn you into a believer who knows there is definitely something bigger/higher/more benevolent than we can fathom orchestrating our lives!

Friday, April 8th, 7-9pm – The Mystic Journey Bookstore
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*The first 10 people to arrive will receive a special “Behind the Scenes Interview” with the authors.

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