I sobbed until my dream revealed

I sobbed until my dream revealed, “There are more ways to hug than the obvious.”

A couple nights ago I dreamed I was at Gypsy’s memorial; everyone was crying but nobody could hug each other. The pain was so intense, I wept as my heart broke

I stumbled into a nearby church, where a choir was singing the most glorious version of, “God is all there is.” 

My tears shifted from sorrowful to grateful as I realized, “There are more ways to hug than just the obvious.”

I woke up from the dream still wanting to hug people, but feeling like I did get hugged, but in a totally different, non-physical way-more of a spiritual hug than a physical one. There was something soothing and reassuring about it that was indescribable.>

In my experience, it’s the job of dreams, if we pay attention, to not just address the problems we’re facing–but, if we really look, we’ll discover they are revealing a solution that would have never occurred to our rational, logical minds.

Dreams are brilliant that way…maybe that’s why I’m so hooked.

So…what challenges, in particular, has lockdown, quarantine, COVID provoked for you?

That’s what my show TODAY is dedicated to: YOU and YOUR DREAMS.

I KNOW if you dig deep enough, you will discover your dreams, are revealing secret passageways out whatever quagmire you find yourself in.

Call in 816-251-3555, and we’ll dig together until we find at least one of the solutions your brilliant dreaming mindis trying to send you.


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