Last night’s Dream Questing video

Did you miss last night’s Dream Questing video? It’s still available for a few more hours

We’re moving into the second phase of Dream Questing!
Phase One (the first layer of understanding)
just completed last night-and it was a BLAST!
(By the way, if you missed last night’s Dream Question Session- 8:
Transformation-the recording is still available for free until 5:30pm PST today, click here

Here’s the nutshell of what we did and what we’re going to do:
Phase One – You were treated to the 8 Elements of Dream Questing and how they can impact your life through the eight 90-minute sessions of these past two weeks.

Phase Two – Master Your Dreams with me as your coach and guide!

Now we are putting our hands in the garden to get everything growing, to take your dreaming to new levels.
Each week you will:

  • Review one of the eight sessions on your own.
  • Watch the video
  • Listen to the audio, or listen to the audio at a faster speed. (The video and audio recordings will be permanently in your online Library, so you really can use them any time you’d like.)
  • Apply techniques from the week’s session to your dreams. If you miss a night or two of dreaming, no problem. You simply want to apply it as many nights as you can. Hopefully four to six nights a week.
  • Explore a different Paraliminal (these are audio programs that help to condition your subconscious mind to align with your daytime desires) each week for eight weeks.
  • Use the Paraliminal chosen for you to implement the week’s teaching and stimulate your dreams. For dreaming, they are best used as you fall asleep.
Eight of my favorite meditations will also be in your Library (at Learning Strategies) permanently. Listen to them as you see fit. The meditations are: Dream Declaration, Dream Collage, Times More, Life Review, Angel, Ego, Caveman, Embodiment, Power, and Dream Mastermind Meditation.

You will also receive Facebook Coaching:
I’ll be monitoring a closed Facebook group for the next eight weeks for you so that you can ask me questions and share your experiences with others in the group. Who knows, I may even show up in your dreams! (no extra charge!)

By the way, no one outside of those in Dream Questing will be able to see your posts, so you can be assured of privacy.

Some of my responses will be impromptu Facebook Live video sessions in the closed group, which will add an additional dimension to the experience.

Live Coaching: I will conduct three live group coaching sessions:

  • November 15
  • December 13
  • January 10

All the sessions will be at 8:00 p.m. Central (6pm Pacific).

Listen or watch:

  • Live online
  • In the closed Facebook group
  • Via telephone
  • Or you can watch or listen to recordings in your Library

Either way you listen, you will be able to submit questions.

Dream Mastermind:
I’ll be facilitating a Dream Mastermind group during the eight weeks to come. Remember, this is part of the DREAM formula you learned in the introductory session. It brings in the many advantages of being with like-minded people together to actualize something, such as your Dream Declaration, your goal, or a group goal.

Extras: You will also receive the following in your Library:

  • “Dream Declaration Meditation”
  • “Feng Shui Your Dream Zone”
  • “Rituals to Enhance Sweet Sleep and Sweet Dreams”
  • “Dream Alchemy”
  • “How to turn your Fear to Fuel”

It’s extraordinary what you will get during these eight weeks. You’ll be able to do everything at your own pace. You may even choose to save beginning the program until next year. No problem, because you’ll have recordings and handouts in your Library ready for when you are.

The entire purpose is to help you use dreams to power your life. Remember, dreams are bridges from your nonconscious mind, and that’s where so much of your power resides. Dreams help you tap the power.

You learn about yourself. You receive guidance about your life. You receive glimpses into the future. And you receive brilliant ideas and insights that can change your life dramatically, and in all areas of your life.

It is all part of the upgrade package that you may order right now for 8 payments of $35. Click here to order and you’ll have immediate access to your online digital Library. The recordings and handouts will be there. You’ll receive special access into the closed Facebook group. You’ll receive periodic emails to remind you of your Dream Questing benefits.

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing these 8 sessions with you. I hope you did, too. Even if you missed some of the sessions, they will all be in your Library. Let’s begin the eight weeks together now.

And if you have second thoughts after you get your Upgrade, or if you are not satisfied with everything, let us know within 30 days so we can refund what you paid. You are welcome to order your Upgrade here with all of the recordings, handouts, and special access.

Pete Bissonette and I and the support team at Learning Strategies are eager to dream with you.
To your best dreams coming true!

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