Dream Challenge Lessons

Dream Challenge Lessons

Session 1 (November 4) Define Why You’re Here

Robin and Kelly will explain the ‘why of the workshop’, how dreams can be a secret formula for success, and ask participants to define their own reasons for being there and what they want to accomplish.

Session 2 (November 11) Declare Your Dream

Participants will learn from Kelly how to transform a waking dream into declaration. Robin will show participants how to plant their flag and declare their mission and specialty or expertise.

Session 3 (November 18) Remember Who You Are

Kelly will address remembering dreams as an ongoing process, and Robin will assist participants in articulating their core values and sharing them with the world.

Session 4 (November 25) Decode Your Dreams

Kelly will share two different dream interpretation formulas. Robin will push attendees to commit their dreams to paper and release them into the world.

Session 5 (December 2) Embody Your Energy and Essence

Tap into the energy of a particularly powerful dream. Then create a no-fear zone where your dreams can flourish.

Session 6 (December 9) Activate Your Dreams

Excited modern business woman sitting at office desk and rejoiciHaving harnessed your dream energy, the process of transformation becomes exciting, rather than scary. Allow your true self to open– cultivate your magnetism and natural charisma to draw what you want to you.

Session 7 (December 16) Pitch Your Dream- Part 1

Now that you’ve acquired a vocabulary, it’s time to work on an elevator pitch that crisply articulates your dream, who you are and what you can do.

Session 8 (January 6) Pitch Your Dream- Part 2

During this Webinar, each participant will share their elevator pitch and receive feedback from coaches and the group.

Session 9 (January 13) Incubate Your Dream

Learn how to be receptive to your own higher guidance and attract enthusiastic colleagues and supportive mentors who can help you achieve your dream.

Session 10 (January 20) Story Your Dream

Nightmares are just unfinished dreams. Re-script events that may be holding you back into something positive and learn how to move from woe to win by telling your greatest story.

Session 11 (January 27) Amplify the Dream

Arrive at a marketing plan that will launch your dream and make it a success. Throw an event, give a speech, create a video, write a series of blogs, social media outreach, advertising campaign, etc. What do you need to amplify your dream?

February 3: The Big Reveal

Participants reveal the progress they have made on their dream project. Show the group your Website, new wardrobe/make-over, art pieces, book chapter, etc.

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