I’m declaring a truce with my battle with TIME!

I’m declaring a truce with my battle with TIME!

I admit it, time and I haven’t always been the best of friends.

I’ve resisted time, argued with it, rebelled against it, been passive-aggressive with it, overwhelmed by it, in scarcity of it, and in short, felt pushed around and victimized by it, and at the same time holier than thou about it.

Here’s a sample of my side of my argument with time:

“I’m a free-flowing spiritual being having a human experience, I’m not going to be confined by such a small-minded, man-made convention! I’m just going to ignore it and pretend it’s not there. After all, my favorite moments in life happen when time flies and I completely lose track of it.”

As you might imagine, this dysfunctional relationship with time has led to some unpleasant moments in my life (more than I’d care to admit).

But, at this moment in time, I’m happy to share with you (and I’m sure you’ll be happy too if you are someone who has been on the receiving end of my time-issues) that I’ve declared a cease fire. I’ve waved the white flag and have decided to embrace my inner time-keeper! If I’m to live (and empower others) to live the life of their dreams, then it’s about time (pun intended) I embrace time!

What was the catalyst for this transformation, you ask?

I had the blessing of working with a client-now friend-Chad E. Cooper (Internationally renown Success Coach) on his book, Time Isn’t the Problem, YOU ARE!: Four Strategies to Transform Stress into Success.

Don’t you love the cosmic 2x4s the universe sends to us when its time we learn a lesson???

As I had the blessing of helping shepherd the dream of his book into reality (via www.FastTrackBook.com), and in the process I could feeeeeel Chad’s wisdom working on me…and I have to say, thanks to his book, I see time in a whole new way…less dysfunctional and waaaaay more empowering.

I’m still a work in progress in this regard, but serious progress has been made.

If you can relate to my time issues (or know someone who does) then you’ll be relieved to know that Time Isn’t the Problem, YOU ARE! Is available in your local bookstores as well as online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

And…Chad is offering a prize worth $10,000 that you can sign up for by going to this page http://www.chadecooper.com/book_launch_august

I’ll leave you with a “Chad-ism”:

Live so that when people think of adventure, excitement, and quality values, they think of you!


To your dreams!

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