Has COVID-19 Been Triggering Some Strange Dreams?

To help you survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic, our dreams are working overtime to help us make it through this bizarre time as unscathed as possible. Join Kelly and Nancy T as they explore your strange coronavirus inspired dreams. Believe it or not, our dreams are revealing some pretty amazing solutions for how to survive (and even thrive) during this crazy time.


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3 thoughts on “Has COVID-19 Been Triggering Some Strange Dreams?

  1. One place you might want to visit to share pandemic-related dreams is the Spooky Dreams Cafe hosted by the Jung Platform. Every Friday, host Robert Bosnak delivers a new ‘cocktail’ – another way of working with these intense dreams, and he demonstrates the method by doing mini dreamwork sessions with as many people as possible. The sessions are much like our collective reaming response to the crisis: a mix of examples of beautiful compassion and abject horror. Here’s the link, it’s free: https://www.jungplatform.com/store/the-spooky-dreams-cafe/

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