The Rolling Stones, a magical game & an invitation to CHIME IN!

Have you ever played the game of picking up a random book, flipping it to a random page, and letting your finger point to a random passage, and knowing the message is custom tailored for you?

I do this from time to time and it never fails to surprise me what the universe reveals exactly what I need to hear in that moment.

I did this on one particular heavy day I was having years ago and it completely turned me around…and I can’t even remember the name of the book or who wrote it (sorry to the author). It was a book on Buddhism and it talked about this practice whereby you:

  1. Become aware of what you want/need/desire
  2. Then you imagine someone else who wants those same things
  3. And you wish those blessings that you want for yourself, upon them

The passage went on to say (and I paraphrase) that if we truly want something for ourselves, then desire it deeply for someone else. In other words, by wishing well-being, prosperity, health, joy for someone else, we get out of the way of the universe delivering what we need (which, in the wise words of the Rolling Stones, you can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometime, you just might find…YOU GET WHAT YOU NEED!)

So, I imagine that as you are reading this you may be making a list in your head about what you want/need/desire.


Now, that you’ve made your list, I have some people I’d like to suggest that you direct your blessings toward. Yes, there are millions of people around the world in need…but for this moment, I’m going to ask you to focus your attention/prayers on a particular group in Guatemala-the people living in a community called Manuel Colón Argueta. It sounds fancy, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not.

These people-humans like you and I-live in a landfill/garbage dump. They spend their days searching for bits of garbage (a spare tire, a hubcap, a piece of plastic) that could be used for shelter. But when the winds blow and the rains come-as they recently did, these people are completely vulnerable. It’s nearly impossible to dig their way out of the cycle of poverty when their basic needs aren’t met.

This is why I’m turning my prayer/blessings into action and going, along with a group of young leaders from around the world (that I’ve been mentoring this last year in our  Chime In program), to Guatemala to build houses for them…wanna join me?

Ok…you don’t have to physically go with me…but you can join me in spirit! That counts!

Our goal this December, along with TECHO (a group-like Habitat for Humanity-that builds homes for the poorest of the poor in South and Central America) is to build 10 homes for 10 families.

These are prefabricated homes (which is why we are able to build so many of them in such a short period of time-in case you were wondering if I was bionic), and the cost for building materials for each home is only $2,700.

If you haven’t yet been to our crowd-funding site, please check it out while we have a few days left.

And… if you feel like converting your blessings into physical matter and making a tax-deductible donation (and getting some incredible rewards in return) that would be DEEPLY APPRECIATED!

If you’d like to take your blessings up a notch and attend our Fun(d)raising event this Sunday, then-even better!

We have an all-star line up of music, art, dance, food, drinks, and we are even auctioning off a date with a TV star to help the cause. I’ve attached the flier that has all the info…I hope I see you there…and that you’ll CHIME IN and help us Raise the Roof for 10 Guatemalan families…and watch how the good karma comes rolling (like the Rolling Stones) in for you -in the most unexpected ways!

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