Sharing this dream

Can’t believe I’m sharing this dream out loud, BUTT here goes (pun intended)

Spoiler Alert: It has a little something to do with my derriere.

There’s a part of me-the conservative, blushes easily part-that can’t believe I’m sharing this dream out loud, in public.

I’m sharing because I was told by several teary-eyed people that this dream, and the subsequent poem I wrote about it in an attempt to heal my disease to please, could be helpful to others.

Might this be you?

If it’s not you, then please forward this to the recovering people pleasers in your life.

In this video (, I share about one of my personal nightmares and how I was called to practice what I preach, to realize that a nightmare is an unfinished dream! If you have a nightmare and it ends abruptly as you are jumping off the cliff, being cornered by wolves, or if your as* is hanging out in public, then it’s your job to “finish the dream.”

I’m known for proselyting from my soap box’s lofty perch, “There’s no such thing as a bad dream.” and “The dream ain’t over until you’ve redirected it to an empowered conclusion.”

As I’m sure you know, it’s easier to dish out advice than it is to take it. Well, I’m no exception. Doctor Dream, heal thyself!

Here’s what I hope you get out of this:

1. The worst thing can become the best thing if we put some attention (light/awareness) on it.
2. If you wake up with a nightmare, you can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

In your mind’s eye, in a meditative state, imagine how you would finish the dream. Imagine your dream were a movie, and you were the writer, director, star, and even costume designer. Once you get to the point in your dream/movie where you feel victorious and empowered, in all your glory…then freeze frame on that scene, and emblazon it in your mind. Voila! This new, empowered grand finale is your new meditation.

There’s tons of dream research about IRT (Imagery Rehearsal Therapy) whereby you take a traumatic dream and practice what I’ve mentioned above…and it can truly help a person to end the cycle of not only a terrifying dream, but a destructive pattern in waking life as well.

3. Stop doing the people pleasing Stepford trance dance…and find your own groove. That’s what would truly please us all the most (whether we know it or not!)

BTW, this is a preview of what will be featured in my upcoming book, “Do These Prayer Beads Make My Butt Look Fat? True Confessions of a Spiritual Girl in a Material World.”

If you feel moved to comment or share, I’d be honored. But, please don’t do it to please me. We’re all “behind” that now!


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Quote to leave you with:
“A dream uninterpreted is a letter from God unopened. ~The Talmud

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