We are all broken.

We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.

Do you ever feel like something’s missing?

Like you’re broken or your life is just incomplete?

Or have you ever felt like giving up?

How many of us have just wanted to give up when we feel so beat up and broken by life?

An unhealthy body, challenging relationships, or an empty pocketbook puts fear in the driver’s seat, and our daily mantra becomes, “why me?”!
What most of us don’t realize that …
It’s at this point we are most open to the miraculous!
As Ernest Hemingway so beautifully expresses it; “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.”
Are you ready to let your perfectly imperfect light stream in?
You cannot live in wholeness if you reject even one tiny part of your life. Embrace the whole of who you are, what you’ve experienced, and even the fragments hidden in the shadows.

>>>Yes, I’m Ready to Let My Light Shine<<<

I’m honored to be a part of a global summit on Living In Wholeness. My friend Cindy Kubica, host of Energized Living Today, invited me along with 23 other World Renowned New Thought Transformational Leaders, Healers and Teachers to share How to Live in the Wholeness of Your Divine Light.

The Living In Wholeness summit kicks off August 23rd and YES, its 100% FREE!
Joining us on this journey into embracing Wholeness are Guy Finley, Rev. Julie Moret, April Olas, Lynn Waldrop, Derek Rydall, Kim Serafini, Lyon Zonamyari, Christie Marie Sheldon, Jamye Price, Sandra and Daniel Biskind, Mary Beth Vanderlinden, Jean Logan, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Christopher Tims, Meg Benedicte, Danielle Mackinnon, Shannon and Mark Law, Adoley Odunton, Cindy Kubica, and Jayem.
It’s time my beautiful friend, to recognize and embrace your own magnificent light. It is the light streaming through the peaks and valleys that give our landscape its beauty! The same is true for you!
During this summit you’ll:
· Start living in the truth of who you are, here and now
· Discover divine clues hidden in ‘your story’ that you’re on the right path
· Become conscious of how your body is reflecting what you truly desire
· Learn to use the momentum of the quantum force
· Stop your body from attacking you!
· Master manifestation of all your needs
· Take control and shift into a higher vibrational state
· Discover how your name establishes your distinct designation
· Learn how your breakthrough, idea, solution, invention, or insight is scheduled to arrive via your dreams-tonight!
· Discover the master password to living in wholeness
· Learn how to dissolve the energy of ex-lovers so you can become open to the right relationship
· Resolve depression and sadness
· Tune into the energies generated by your body, mind, and spirit and use them to feed your love.
· Accelerate your personal evolution on all levels
· Learn how your egoic-self impacts the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of who you are.
· Discover how animals enhance your intuition and change your life for the better!
· Stop spinning your wheels, get out of overwhelm & be free of self-doubt
· Begin to TRULY live in the strength of divine guidance and embrace your I AM Presence
And so much more…
When you register today, you will receive a free PDF of 11 Ways to Boost Your Energy Reception – Getting the Most from Your ELT Summit Experience.
If you are ready to Live in Wholeness, these teachers and masters will help awaken in you that which you already know.
It’s time to come out of your cocoon and try on your wings. Come Fly with Me!
 To your dreams!
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P.S.  Register today and receive your copy of 11 Ways to Boost Your Energy Reception – Getting the Most from Your ELT Summit Experience.

P.S  I have infused this email with a special ‘Pay it Forward’ blessing, so forward this invitation to your friends and family!

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