Want to Grow BIG Dreams?

Want to Grow BIG Dreams? According to my friend and fellow dream ambassador, Robert Moss, the pandemic we’re living through is not the real problem. The greatest challenge we face is a crisis of imagination.  So many of us feel stuck in our lives, whether it be in our jobs, relationships, our bodies, or countries, in our homes. It’s like when Henry David Thoreau famously said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” But, it doesn’t have to be that way… Even though, due to the pandemic, we can’t go to movie theaters now to escape our challenges, we all have the ability to make inner movies. Our dreaming minds are not just for our nighttime, sleeping escapades, but this underutilized tool we all have might just be the […]


Announcing your HERO’S JOURNEY DREAM APP If the fact that you are surviving and thriving during this pandemic (and so much more) isn’t proof that you are a HERO on a Hero’s Journey, then I don’t know is! The truth is, you are, and to support you on your journey and understand how your dreams are helping you-check out my new app. Actually, this isn’t just a new app…it’s my first app ever. I’ve been dreaming about this day for over a decade…and today’s the day to unleash the beast (as it were!)I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here’s a video of Rassouli and I talking about it:   The Hero’s Journey Dream Oracle app. ( […]

Wanna be a Night Worker?

Hi Dreamy Friend, Wanna be a Night Worker? Not that kind of night worker! I can’t believe you and your dirty mind! A night worker is someone who psychically, via dreams, helps the people heal. I believe this is one of the primary goals of dream work, to become lucid enough, that you can be laying in your bed, comfortably getting a great night’s sleep while simultaneously making a difference to other people. During this pandemic (and beyond), as a night-worker, you’ll no longer feel helpless as you let your dreams do the heavy-lifting. This is multitasking at its finest! Night working-it’s a lot less exhausting and a lot more fulfilling…not to mention time saving! On the show will talk […]

Join me tonight on Coast to Coast with George Noory

Join me tonight on Coast to Coast with George NooryLast Saturday I completed the fourth in a series of dream experiments with the Twitch network (Dream Stream). For those of you who followed it, you know that it was a wild romp through space and time with the gamers who are among the hundred thousand people that watched the live sleep experiment. If you missed it, it’s still live on On Coast to Coast tonight with George Noory, I’ll be talking about my aha moment and the insights I learned from thesleep/dream experiment–that is stillblowing my mind. I can’t wait to share it with you tonight! It was definitely thewildest and most wacky thing (or at least in my top […]

No offense, but are you getting the beauty sleep you need?

No offense, but are you getting the beauty sleep you need? In response to talking with so many people who’ve shared with me that they struggle with sleep (especially now due to the pandemic and so much drama happening in our country and around the world) I created this SNOOZE meditation series. You may or may not have seen my email from a few days ago…I’m just checking…because if you are one of the 164 million Americans who struggle with sleep, know that you’re not alone. If you didn’t yet download my free* gift to you, here’s the link–and this will be good through the end of this month:  See below for more info about how you can get […]

It’s my Lion’s Gate Birthday

It’s my Lion’s Gate Birthday & I can snooze if I want to! And so can you… Yes, I, admittedly, am a typical Leo, in that I’m not ashamed to let people know it’s my birthday. But I also am aware that this particular day (Lion’s Gate-see below) tends to feel more fulfilling to me, when I’m in the spirit of giving, rather than getting (which can be very different from receiving, but that’s another blog for another day). Giving a gift makes the getting icing, frosting, and sprinkles on top of an already baked cake. So, let me start by giving thanks…to YOU…for being a blessing in my life….in the wonderful, unique and delightful way that you are. Whether […]

Debbie Ford wants you to know YOUR HOLINESS

Debbie Ford wants you to know YOUR HOLINESS Although Debbie Ford passed away seven years ago, this beloved spiritual teacher left a powerful legacy, not just with her book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and with The Shadow Effect, but with her newest book, YOUR HOLINESS. “How,” you might be wondering, “can someone who died five years ago come out with a new book?” Well…soon after Debbie made her transition (passed away, clarified, however you want to refer to it), Debbie’s sister, Ariel Ford, had a session with James Van Praagh. The world-renowned medium told Ariel that Debbie wanted to release a book about the power of prayer. Ariel thought, “Well, it’s a little late for that…because…forgive me […]

The most weird day of my weird life

The most weird day of my weird life Admittedly, my life has not been ordinary according to most people’s standards. In fact, at my last High School Reunion, I was voted the person with the most bizarre career. That shocked me, because I didn’t think of my life as strange-even the fact that I live in the dream world most of the time-because it’s my life, and I’m living it, every day. It feels perfectly normal to me. I stopped feeling bad about having a weird life when I discovered the old English meaning of weird, spelled wyrd, meaning: one who stands in both worlds. I liked that, and have been wearing it as a badge of honor ever since…but… […]