find out how dreams can make you bionic-seriously

Unzip your dreams with me & find out how dreams can make you bionic-seriously

When I share about the benefits of dreams I’m reminded (ok, I’m totally dating myself right now) of the introduction to the “Bionic Man/Woman” series back in the late 70s.—“they can rebuild her…only better, stronger, faster.


But, it’s true.

There’s the surviving version of us that is limping along through life.

And there’s the thriving version of us that is flying, dancing, singing, and having a magical adventure in this 3-D dream of ours.

Dream recall helps us do that…and that’s what we’ll talk about on the show today! But, most importantly, we’ll be talking about YOU and your dreams.

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Here’s a few more thoughts to consider:
When you nestle yourself into bed, turn off the bedside lamp, and close your eyes to your daytime reality, your “conscious self” goes to sleep. Meanwhile, your “dreaming self” slips out of the covers and tiptoes upstairs to the attic of your mind to explore the enchanted realm of dreams.
Within this nocturnal territory you are transported beyond the ego’s five senses to a vast, multidimensional playground of unlimited possibilities. In the realm of dreams you can peruse the tale of your past or future; learn a topic of fascination; converse with a departed loved one; study at the feet of a master; find an answer to a perplexing question; discover the solutions to a health challenge; or explore the larger story of your life.
All of this takes place while you are “asleep.” Yet for most people, by the time the alarm blares and the morning coffee is guzzled, the exploration of the vast landscape of their multidimensional soul is shrugged off as “just a dream.” This “just a dream” scenario can be compared to spellbound lovers on a shipboard romance who profess undying love to one another by moonlight, and then find, in the harsh light of morning, back on dry land, the glow is gone. In the swirl of “real world” demands, the lovers revert to being ordinary, sensible, earthbound mortals, vaguely recalling that something magical transpired aboard the ocean of their dreams. The experience-so real while it was happening-is now elusive as wisps of cloud.
But, what if it wasn’t “Just a dream?”
Many of us 21st Century, fast-paced jet-setters fall prey to placing undo emphasis on the tangible, the text-able, and the three-dimensional, while discounting the magical, the mystical, and the multidimensional. We would do well to learn from our ancestors who lived close to the earth and were in sync with the tides, seasons, and realms beyond the ordinary. Our indigenous grandmothers and grandfathers considered the dreamtime to be when they were most “awake.” They also believed that a society’s mental and psychological health was related to dreaming. The more disconnected from dreams, the more sick and out of balance the society. The more in touch with dreams, the healthier a society becomes.
Consider the fact that…
  • Science tells us we all dream 3-9 dreams every night and can re-learn to re-member our dreams
  • Dreams (even the unpleasant ones) can become our greatest ally

We cannot afford not to pay attention to our dreams, if we want to thrive while being alive

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