Angelina Jolie, Ryan Gosling & President Obama-What do dreams of Celebrities say about you?

In honor of the #PresidentalDebates and the #AcademyAwards (from last Sunday) I thought I’d roll out the red carpet and open the discussion on my #DreamsUnzipped radio show today about what it means if you dream of a celebrity or the president?

* What does it mean when you dream of a #celebrity.
* How are celebrities more like YOU than you’ve ever dreamed?
* How can you #dream your way to success?

These are the questions my friend, Walter Berry (King – Dreams A-lot) and I will explore today on #DreamsUnzipped.

LISTEN LIVE: TODAY (Friday, 10-11am PST) on Dreams Unzipped! Call in with your dreams 888-298-KKNW (5569)

When a star enters your dream scene they may be revealing an issue that demands attention, or they may shine a spotlight on hidden resources essential to your real-life drama. Ask yourself, “What is this celebrity known for? What larger-than-life quality are they emblematic of?”

This dream celeb may very well be revealing aspects of yourself to face and embrace. When celebrities make an appearance in your dreams, consider it a backstage pass that can assist you in developing your own star qualities so that you, too, may step confidently into the spotlight of your life.

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Remember, if you see it (on some level) you BE it!

and he’ll be my guest TODAY (Friday, 10-11am) on #DreamsUnzipped!!!

LISTEN LIVE: TODAY (Friday, 10-11am PST) on Dreams Unzipped! Call in with your dreams 888-298-KKNW (5569)

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