When the ambulance blared for me

When the ambulance blared for me…

“He who binds himself to joy, does the winged life destroy. But he who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in eternities sunrise.” ~William Blake
When the high-pitched shrill of an ambulance’s siren blares passed me on the road, I usually recoil; startled, concerned. But on the evening the siren blared for me, I neither saw the flashing lights, the stretcher, the oxygen mask, nor heard the gasping of the surrounding crowd. In fact the anxiety that had been building within me for days was curiously gone. There was no more reason for concern …I had floated up.

Life as I knew it was over.


You may have heard me talk about my NDE (near death experience) from 2008-or this may be the first time you’ve heard me speak of it.

At some point I’ll share with you the long, detailed version of my story…but for now (blogs are supposed to be short and sweet, no?) let’s suffice it to say that it changed my life…and besides dreams…its my other favorite thing to talk about.

Let’s just say, thank God for hunky paramedics…they were just the motivation I needed to bring this girl back from the dead!

Here’s the short version of what happened:

I was having an innocent dinner out with friends and our favorite Indian restaurant when a parade of activity overwhelmed my brain, more than I could track. The floodgates were open, and I couldn’t keep up.

Just beneath the flurry of mental activity, a thousand butterflies were flapping their wings inside my chest. All I could do was surrender. And when I did, I began to slip away.

It was as if I was being squeezed through a cosmic birth canal. Everything went suddenly black, like a velvet curtain veiling a kaleidoscope of color. Then, I felt an inner ‘snap’ and I took off like a pebble from a slingshot. …

I began floating up.

On the other side of the birth canal, I felt suddenly light, free, blissful – expansive!

Just moments before I’d been confined to ego prison inside an earth-bound body, grasping with white knuckles to all my past accomplishments, memories and physical belongings. Now, I felt liberated, like I had just become the entire sky!

I soared through inner space like a bird, weightless, timeless, enormous…I didn’t feel love – I was Love; an entire universe of Love.

All separation and suffering began to dissolve and intermingle; the way an ocean wave topples over a sand castle, blending everything into oneness.

Rising from glory to greater glory, I realized that there was no end to love; no ceiling, no walls. And just when I thought it couldn’t possibly feel any better, there was more…eternities more; like thick honey pouring itself through my awareness, in an never-ending expanse of bliss.

I was filled with the absolute knowing that I/we need not be limited by our struggles; for we are more than our little teacup container.

In the great expanse of things we are one with God, limitless. From my Big Picture perspective I saw that it is possible to live Life as a great adventure, a wonderful dream; savoring every delicious moment, every relationship, every sunset, kiss and accomplishment. Then, when the time is right, let it all go; freely moving on, without grief toward the next adventure, just over the horizon.

When I came back to earth (oh yes, that’s where the hunky paremedics come in…that story could fill a novel unto itself) I thought, “What’s all the fuss about?” Death is awesome! Or more accurately, life without the body is still life…and it is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having a body and I want to be in a body (that is healthy) as long as possible. But when its time to go, let’s celebrate!


On that note, my Dreams Unzipped guest today is the amazing Robin Jay – the producer of two films about life/death/and how to be alive while we’re alive:

Robin’s first film was “The KEEPER of the KEYS” – the first FUNNY personal development movie, which stars Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff. Robin wrote, produced, and costars in the movie. Her goal was to empower viewers by keeping them engaged and entertained. She was thrilled when the movie won the Las Vegas Film Festival Award for Best Independent Film, and The INDIE Fest Award for Best Documentary.

Her latest project is titled “The Secrets of the Keys”, which features a fun, engaging fictional story along with expert testimonials and personal accounts from some of the top names in the self-help industry, including Brian Tracy, don Miguel Ruiz, Gloria Loring, Dannion Brinkley, Michael Beckwith, and John Assaraf. The film was released in January 2016 and immediately won awards, including two gold awards for Concept & Original Song from the International Independent Film Awards.

My intent for this show is to help people to bridge their nighttime dreams with their awake reality, learn to access that higher level of awareness …then I think this world will be a much better place.

And maybe one day when we hear the high-pitched shrill of an ambulance’s siren, we’ll no longer recoil, but smile and feel hopeful that some human who thinks they are the size of a teacup is about to discover they are really… the sky.

http://www.dreamsunzipped.com/10-11am PST.

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Take note of the number to call in if you have a question: 888-298-KKNW (5569)…because we’ll be giving away prizes for the people with the strangest dreams!

Until we meet again, don’t take your dreams lying down…

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