5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Take Your Dreams Lying Down

Here’s mine:

Besides the fact that it’s clinically proven that when you remember a nighttime dream, you become a more skillful navigator of your life’s direction, a better problem solver, a more compassionate, intelligent version of yourself, your dreams are connecting you with your higher self that holds the answers to all your questions and the solutions to all your problems, your dreams also make you more creative!

And, I’m just getting started.

On the show today we’ll explore the top five reasons why you shouldn’t take your dreams lying down and my favorite new techniques for how to decode them.


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Tonight we begin…Wild Women Wednesday… we are full for this cycle… but stay tuned for more opportunities to explore your Wild Women Dreams!

  • Who is your wild woman?
  • What is her credo?
  • What does she stand for?
  • What is she passionate about?
  • What will she not tolerate?
  • What scares you about her?
  • What is your biggest resistance to being her in your everyday life?
  • What might you gain if you allowed more of her into your life?
  • How might the world benefit from you stepping into more of your divine wildness?

Do you relate?
Stay tuned for more…

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