Inspirations never go for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action.

Inspirations never go for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. ~Brendan Francis

Let’s face it, sometimes you have time for a luxurious dream interpretation session, and sometimes (probably more often than not) you will need a drive-through formula to get you through a hustle-bustle day. For those moments when you are on the go and need a dream interpretation “quickie”, simply do the following:

  1. Briefly write your dream down in your dream journal.
  2. As if your dream were a movie, give it a title. Go with the first thing that comes to you. For example, Olivia’s title for her dream was, Not Without My Dog!
  3. Give your dream a sub-title. For example, Stay in Cruise Control… Even On Dry Land.

You can learn a lot from the title and subtitle of your dreams. Immediately, the intelligence of your subconscious mind gets to work to help you identify the core essence of your dream’s message.

  1. Consider the possibility that everyone and everything in your dream is you. For example, in Olivia’s dream, the puppy represented her innocence and instinctual self; her purse represented identity as it relates to responsibility and financial matters; the cruise ship represented the part of her related to her unconscious, her soul, and the part of her that knows life is meant to flow.
  1. When in doubt as to what the symbol means, BECOME IT. For example, when I asked Olivia to “become” the puppy and tell me how it felt to be her. She responded as the puppy, “I am so excited to play and explore, and to have Olivia be my playmate. But I am so sad when she forgets all about me when she gets back to dry land. I wish she would take me with her!”

With this simple “Wham Bam Dream Interpretation Formula” you will at the very least capture the essence of the message and have more clarity about what action to take.

What’s your Wham Bam interpretation of your most recent dream?


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