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In addition to having the AMAZING Robert Moss on my show today (my guru and mentor) teaching us all about DREAMGROWING, which will blow your mind…and preparing for my baby sister’s wedding…and Gypsy going through the ordeal of the half century (better now, thanks to so many prayers), this past week I’ve had the honor of being on not one, but two incredible podcasts…and both of them, let me say…a tad bit out of my comfort zone…and my head is spinning.
Years ago, in a meditation, I asked God/Goddess/Creator “What’s my purpose?” “What am I supposed to do with my life?” “What would you have me do???” (Can you relate? Have you ever asked those questions? I’ll bet a billion dollars you have). Anywho…the answer came…first clouds parted, lightning struck, and a feeling of absolute clarity ripped through me and I heard the glorious words:


“Don’t Just Preach to the Choir.”

Although I would’ve appreciated a bit more clarification, I was grateful for this nudge…and for the images that followed…of me sharing a spiritual message, more importantly living a spiritual message and bringing it to where I’m asked… not just to those lovely members of the choir who already have a spiritual bag of tricks. All of this brings me to…

ImPAULsive...a podcast featuring three young dudes who are definitely not the typical choir I’m  used to…it was a bit like being the only woman in the locker room after a football game…so…needless to say, I was a bit nervous…but it was for naught (shame on me for pre-judging) because these guys, although on the surface have potty mouths and thrive on shock value, I got the privilege of discovering their beautiful hearts…and souls…and desires to do good with their gifts, talents, and platform as the hosts of the #1 podcast in America! In short, I love them.
Yes, it was wild…but I’m glad I did it. Check it out…you’ll see:
And…the show today… DREAM GROWING: Tapping the Power of Creative Imagination to manifest the Secret Wishes of Your Soul

Robert Moss has been a dream traveler since doctors pronounced him clinically dead in a hospital in Hobart, Tasmania, when he was three years old. From his experiences in many worlds, he created an original synthesis of modern dreamwork and ancient shamanic and mystical practices for journeying to realms beyond the physical. On the show we explore:

– Moving beyond blocks


– Expanding your ability to heal yourself and reveal your infinite wellspring of creativity within


– How you can transfer a vision to someone in need of a vision, or to help someone else heal

The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)!
With Kelly Sullivan Walden
Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™


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