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Kelly on Home and Family

I’ll be on Home & Family 2Day at 12pm PST! A couple of days ago I had the real-life dream experience of being a guest on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show in the Universal Studios lot. Not only did I get to hang out on the set with the coolest cast and crew-ever-but I got to interpret the dream of a woman I admired waaaay back in the day, Susan Anton. You may remember her as the ginormously gorgeous blonde singer/actress who was at one time married to Dudley Moore (may he rest in peace)…does this ring a bell? Well, lately she’s been on Broadway and is touring the country singing, doing an amazing one-woman show. Usually the […]

Do you find yourself singing Total Eclipse of the Heart today?

Is it just me, or do you find yourself singing the song from way back, Total Eclipse of the Heart”, by Bonnie Tyler? Hmmm…I wonder why? Oh yeah, today is the first day since 1979 in the US that we will experience a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN! So, for those of us who read into the hidden symbolism in all things, how could we pass this one up? Ce n’est pas possible! In addition to all the very cool things this Peruvian Shaman says (a must watch, btw), if it were my dream (and it is) allow me to contemplate with you about the eclipse: First of all, what is an eclipse? Here’s what the dictionary says: An eclipse […]

This video will either scare or inspire you

This video will either scare or inspire you-or maybe a bit of both! I’m curious (seriously) about what you think. Does this 3-minute video (trailer for the movie, “Dreaming Heaven” about the Toltec journey at Teotihuacán, Mexico): a.) Scare you? b.) Inspire you? c.) Intrigue you to want to watch the rest of the movie? d.) Make you want to go Teotihuacán with me and check it out for yourself? e.) All of the above? If you picked: a.) Don’t worry, I completely understand. I’ve been there myself. b.) Yeah, me too. c.) Here’s the link to see the rest of the movie: d.) Click here to find out about how you can join me IN PERSON in Teotihuacán! […]

What happens in Teo, stays in Teo

What Happens In Teo, Stays in Teo First of all, Teo, in case you’re wondering is a nickname for Teotihuacán. And, in case you’re still wondering, Teotihuacán is an ancient power place 30 minutes north of Mexico City-and it means “The place where men become God.” Believe you me, I didn’t kick up my heals at the first hint of an invitation to Teo-quite the opposite. I was quite content reading don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The 4 Agreements” from a cozy, safe distance, hundreds of miles from the pyramids and the energy that I felt would most certainly stir the pot of my life. But, life had other plans for me…because some pots are just screaming to be stirred. My […]

Happy Mother’s Day

A gift for you and yours for Mother’s Day Happy Mother’s Day to all the dreamy mothers within and without, I’ve been neck deep in Chicken Soup (for the soul stories-mmmmm tastey), culling the next book (that will be out next September) so I’ve been a bit off-grid lately, but, I have a ton of dreamy things to share with you to celebrate Mother’s Day, including a special, special gift for you at the bottom….. So, light a candle, take a deep breath…and start scrolling… *** * Are you tired of tip-toing your way toward your transformation? * Are you ready for a spiritual kick in the behind that will quantum leap you toward awakening? * Are you ready to […]

Outer space with Dream Expert Gayle Delaney

Journey w/ me into outer space w/ Dream Expert, Gayle Delaney & her #PinkPussy Journey with me over the moon, into outer space with Dream Expert, Gayle Delaney, to explore her special way of facilitating dream interpretation. ‘Out of this world’, doesn’t even begin to explain the off the charts fun, and depth we explored today. Is it just me or is our recent political climate inspiring boldness in those of us who (up until now) have been so PC? It sure seems that way to me! For example, Gayle was proud to share her Pink Pussy (cat hat) with us that she proudly wore at the Women’s March this past January (2017), which, in turn, inspired me to share […]

My Lent Game and get your Shero on

“I’m wondering if you’re giving up something (or adding something delicious to your repertoire) this Lent?” asked my #LipsticMystic friend, Nancy Telzerow. “Since you asked,” I blurted without thinking (which as it turns out, is my style), “I’m giving up being late.” As you’ve heard me share in other emails, posts, or blogs, I have a tendency to tango with time in, let’s just say, not the most grace-filled way. My excuse is that there’s just so much on my over-filled plate-It’s hard to say YES to life and be on time…all the time. Can you relate? But, here’s the thing, when I look at time like it’s a game (a dreamy game), I rock at it. So, that’s what […]

Suit Up, Show Up, SHUT UP, then Let Go

Suit Up, Show Up, SHUT UP… then Let Go! I’m in the midst of my 10th or 20th round of presenting my “Dream TV Show Dog & Pony Show.” I should be grateful to have the honor of being invited to share my passion for dreams to hot shot Hollywood decision-makers in fancy schmancy penthouse suites in high rise buildings that touch the sky, to “pitch/sell” the notion there should be a show on the subject of dreams. Why a show on dreams? Hmmm…besides the fact it’s never been done before and all of us humans spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping and dreaming, and have approximately 3-9 dreams a night. Not to mention, dreams are the ultimate X-file, that […]