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What if

What if what’s IN the way IS the way Imagine for a moment that you’ve arrived. Stretch your mind to behold the feeling that you’re in the place you’ve been wanting to get to in your life for soooo long. Suspend your disbelief and imagine that all the pressures are off-there’s no problems to solve-no deadlines to meet-no struggles to overcome. You’ve arrived! Would that be a dream come true or what? What if it wasn’t just a “dream”? What if I told you it was a state of being absolutely possible to live in right now. Right now it is possible to live with profound openness, peacefulness, freedom and joy in every moment, even while tending to overdue bills, […]

Do you believe in magic, past lives and/or the legacy of Atlantis?

Do you believe in magic, past lives and/or the legacy of Atlantis? For some of you the topic of past lives may be waaaaaaay too far out there… For some this might be right up your alley… And for others…it may be a combo plate of both…a bit of a stretch but you’re up for the challenge. Have you ever had a glimpse at a past life or known someone who has? As a hypnotherapist I’ve facilitated many sessions (and been on the ride myself) into experiencing the magic of what we could call a glimpse into a past life (or as Bashar would say, “a multiple, simultaneous life”). Either way you slice it, it’s one of the most intriguing, […]

lucid dreamers

I’m jealous of lucid dreamers! I admit it, I’m jealous of lucid dreamers! Ok, I said it! Some people seem to just be born with the natural gift. Some people work on it like their life depends on it. Some don’t care. And there are some (like me) who care, but don’t go out of my way to make them happen. Which camp do you fall in? My rationale for not being a lucid dreamer (more often) is that I’d rather that lucid dreams fall in my lap. Is that so wrong? Lucid dreaming has happened to me on several occasions…without trying, without looking for them…usually during afternoon naps…and they are FABULOUS! EXTRAORDINARY! MIND BLOWING! EXHILARATING! So, why not work […]

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13-is it possible to transform it from unlucky to lucky? If you’ve been reading my emails or following my Facebook posts, you know by now that I’m always looking for the bright side…even in something that seems to be horrible. Call me a Pollyanna, optimist, alchemist…I just don’t believe that anything is inherently awful. After all, the good book said, “It is done unto us as we believe.” So, I’m open to a reframe on Friday the 13th (especially during Mercury Retrograde)…are you with me? To transform Friday the 13th from a day of fear and dread into a day of hope and possibility, join me in applying my FEAR formula (my fancy way to transform a nightmare […]

The Art of Having it All

The Art of Having it All I’m sure you’ve heard the quote: “You can have whatever you want…just not all at once.” On that note, my Dreams Unzipped interview today is either going to: Royally piss you off Confuse the beejeebers out of you Totally inspire you All of the above (and maybe all at once) I can’t wait to hear your response! On the stiletto heels of several highly successful and influential women coming forth with the assertion that it is NOT POSSIBLE for women to have it all, and that in fact, attempting to do so is detrimental to our well-being, author and uber-successful life-coach, Christy Whitman presents a radically different point of view: Not only is it […]

Are you in pain from a past or present breakup?

Are you in pain from a past or present breakup? Are you in pain from a past or present breakup…with a lover, job, or marriage? Did your dream of happily ever turn into a nightmare? Are you afraid of opening your heart again to the dream of true love? The pain (actually torture) of breaking up (for most of us) is not only hard to do, but often leaves the most lovely and loving people acting like animals and feeling like road kill on the side of the road. Sorry to be so graphic, but, speaking from experience, this is how it feels…and when this happens we’re not exactly excited to get back out in the dating pool with an […]

What if chasing dreams are our biggest opportunity

What if “chasing” dreams are our biggest opportunity (in disguise) for spiritual growth? I call this dream: The Cyclops Lumberjack (don’t be scared…spoiler alert…there’s a happy ending)… I’m running for my life through the woods, trying to narrowly escape an a Cyclops lumberjack from killing me. I duck into a wood cabin and hide under a table, cover my head. I know he can see me and I’m doomed. Before it’s too late, I whisper, “Why are you trying to kill me? What do you want from me?” The Cyclops Lumberjack responds, “I’m not trying to kill you, I’m trying to PROTECT you! You’ve been so airy-fairy lately that I have to chop away all the funky energy from the […]

Can you program your dreams?

Can you program your dreams to have a more successful life? What if you knew you were a Lottery Winner…of the spiritual kind? What if you woke up and realized that you are an unrepeatable phenomena? What if you realized that regardless of your struggles, you’ve won the lottery as evidenced by the miracle of our presence in a physical body here on earth? In fact, consider that the chance of you being born is a billion to one. You are a living, breathing, miraculous lottery winner…surrounded by billions of other lottery winners…most of whom have forgotten they are lottery winners! Ok (you might be thinking), “Blah blah blah…I know I’ve spiritually won the lottery…but it would sure be nice […]