Learn the Secrets of Living the Life of Your Dreams
& Empower Others to do the Same

• Are you a natural problem solver?
• Do people confide in you their deepest secrets, wishes, & dreams?
• Do you genuinely seek to bring out the best in people?

Start a new career as a Certified Dream-Life Coach® and increase your earning potential!

A Certified Dream-Life Coach is a trained professional who has a mastery level understanding of nocturnal dreams, as well as the skills to support people in living their dream lives.

Dream-Life Coach Training is designed for busy people who have full lives and are looking at gracefully learning a new skill set so that they can ease-fully transition into a new career as a Dream-Life Coach.

As a Certified Dream-Life Coach® you will learn the secrets to…

• Make a meaningful & lasting difference in people’s lives
• Enjoy flexible hours
• Get paid while you grow, develop, and become a more empowered version of yourself

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Dream Mastery with Dream Therapist, Kelly Sullivan Walden

Whether you book a private session with Kelly or have her present a keynote speech for your company or organization, you will receive powerful insight into how to understand the language of your nighttime dreams, as well as information about how to translate that wisdom into your waking reality.

By learning the basics of improving dream recall; understanding what your dreams are telling you; transforming a recurring nightmare into a sweet dream; maximizing the guidance of daydreams; and manifesting your desires and goals in your waking life, you will discover one of the best-kept secrets to true confidence, wealth, intuition, and power in your waking life.

Sessions w: KellyIn addition to dream work & dream interpretation, Kelly brings a synthesis of the following modalities to your private session with her:

*Human Design
*Spiritual Counseling
*Affirmative Prayer
*Life-Purpose Alignment

30-min dream interpretation – $195

Private Phone/In-Person Dream-Life Coaching Sessions:
• 1 hour – $395
• 10 session Package – $3,495

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or Shero One on One Sessions…

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Private Phone/In-Person Human Design Sessions:
1 hour – $395 or 10 session Package – $3,495

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1 hour Human Design $395.00 or 10 session Package $3,495.00

or One on One Sessions:

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1 Session $349.00 or 10 Sessions $3,395.00

Praise for Kelly’s Dream Sessions…

“I got the job!!! I don’t think I would’ve had the courage or confidence to move forward in the manner in which I did if I had not joined the Shero group from the beginning. I am not sure I can totally express the impact Kelly and Wendy have had on my life but I can tell you that it is dramatic, tangible and amazing. I know it sounds silly to say I was not confident before….of course on some level I have been. But I believe I have been transformed and I am a much richer, deeper, calmer, more lovely version of myself than I have ever been and it feels AWESOME. I am making choices and decisions which I would have struggled so hard for in the past. Now, while there are challenges I don’t feel overwhelmed, stressed or worried. I am just moving through what life throws at me and gently picking my path…..and it is so the right path. How can I tell — because it lights up before me like the yellow brick road, and there is sunshine and music guiding my way. What kind of miracle is that?????? It’s a Kelly miracle, that’s what!!!” – Nicole Gardner – Vice President, Fortune 100 High Tech Corporation

“As a producer and content creator of practical spiritual films, my radar is always attuned to tools that positively alter my perspective about who I am, why I’m alive, and how to make the most out of this dream called my life. Kelly’s work in her latest book, “It’s All In Your Dreams” does all of that. It is filled with practical tools to help a person awaken via dreamwork and become more lucid in their day to day lives.” – Betsy Chasse Co-Creator of the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?!” author of Metanoia – A Transformative Change of Heart.

As a dream coach, Kelly Walden is supportive, empathic, open and creative. Her intuition has been completely spot on; even when I think I know the meaning of a dream, she adds another insight that takes me deeper. But not only is Kelly a dream coach; she is a partner on my spiritual path. She is not afraid of the ‘big picture’ of people’s lives – and encourages growth and creativity. Oh, and did I say FUN? Kelly has a great sense of humor and with her guidance, even the most terrifying dreams become rich fodder for the soil of the soul.” – Joan Gelfand National President, Woman’s National Book Association Award Winning Poet

“Kelly helps you discover your unlimited potential. She creates an environment that allows you to release your fear. Without fear you can trust, with trust comes freedom, with freedom, you can!” – Vondie Curtis Hall, Emmy Award winning actor/director, president of SPIRIT Awards and LA Film Festival

“I am grateful to Kelly Sullivan Walden for the amazing work she does and for creating such a transformational space in her presentations. She is an amazing woman with extraordinary gifts. I feel beautiful—we all do—in her presence!” – Suzanne Rock Steirle, Founder of Young Women Encircle

“Kelly’s dream workshops have been a quantum evolutionary, profoundly empowering experience for me and I am so grateful for her bringing such an element of high and profound presence to her work. She is the best kind of alchemist… the kind that awakens the alchemist in all of us. I am so blessed and so grateful for this beautiful goddess angel person named Kelly!! And for all the space she has held for me to give me back to myself!” – Jenny Karns, Body Temple Healing, Jenny Karns Productions

“Thank you so much for the Dream Coaching Session yesterday. It has had a profound effect on my desire to restructure how I will invite the evolution and unfoldment of my business! Mille grazie!” – Bruce Royer, President/Producer, Royer Studios –