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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that IT’S HALLOWEEN! The day/night when the veil
between worlds is thinnest!For those of us Dream Questers, we are “thin wall” people anyway…but tonight…we take it to a whole other level of transparency!In the Toltec dreaming path, the word for shaman is “Nagual”, which is pronounced “No Wall.” Hmmmm…coincidence? I think not. And did you know that many indigenous groups consider the shaman “one who dreams”-with that in mind, I dub you a candidate!

Seriously, when you remember a dream-it’s as if you are retrieving clues, data, important information, soul-edifying wisdom from another realm, and bridging it to this world (our collective waking dream).

And, when you can learn to interpret the language of your dreams and can actually decode the genius guidance your dreams are sending you…you take your level of awareness, joy, and (dare I say) enlightenment to the next level…and the next and the next!

This is why I’m so excited to be sharing FOR FREE tonight, the 6th in our 8-part Dream Questing series, hosted by the amazing folks at Learning Strategies. And tonight’s theme is INTERPRETATION!

Tonight, for the very first time I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal a brand new Dream Interpretation formula-to make the language of dreams something that you will carry with you for the rest of your life, and never again have to say, “Hmmmm…I wonder what that means?”

It begins LIVE 8:00 p.m. Central Time TONIGHT, October 31. If you don’t have your complimentary pass, you can still get it here.  Or on my page:

If you missed last night’s session, it’s still available until 5:30pm PST tonight:

2 thoughts on “Discover the drop-to-your-knees brilliance

  1. Dear Kelly I been having a repeating dream about wolves. The last time I had this dream about the wolves there was a black wolf and a white wolf. The black wolf was laying down completely down on one side as if it were dead and a white wolf was standing next to just looking at it and sniffing it. What do u think this means?

    1. Anna!

      Thank you for sharing your dreams with me.

      To me, dreams of wolves are incredibly powerful. I love it when I have these dreams. Because wolves are untamed, undomesticated dogs (unlike our house pets) to me this represents the part of ourselves that is completely wild, in touch with their nature. The fact that they are specifically white or black makes me wonder if you’ve assigned a meaning to white or black. I love that you felt the wolves were your family and that you felt good and happy. Wolf may be your spirit animal, a guide that is, in fact, bringing you home to the truth of who you are.

      I hope this shines some light.

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