The Creative Heroine’s Path with Julie Baldwin

Do you long to live a life filled with creative passion and purpose? Author and creative mentor Julie Baldwin shares how to master the creative flow and develop your unique voice. Julie describes the journey to wake up your life and blaze your creative path in her book The Creative Heroine’s Path.   The Ask Dr. Dream Show Wednesdays @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)! With Kelly Sullivan Walden Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™  

Letters to Freedom with Dr. Patti Ashley

Do you sometimes wonder how you are going to get through another day? Are life’s stresses and challenges getting the best of you? Maybe it’s a loss, a change, a difficult relationship, or a work setting—maybe it is simply wondering what is next in your life. Dr. Patti Ashley joins Kelly to guide you through a process of rediscovering your authentic self, so you can be the best you can be. The Ask Dr. Dream Show Wednesdays @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)! With Kelly Sullivan Walden Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™  

Dreaming in 2020!

How can your nighttime dreams support your New Year’s intentions, declarations, or resolutions? Call in with your dreams and get a personal dream reflection. The Ask Dr. Dream Show Wednesdays @ 10 AM PST (12 pm CST/ 1 pm EST)! With Kelly Sullivan Walden Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™  

How to Grow Elder, Not Older

This replay of my very special interview from last year with Barbara Marx Hubbard was recorded just a week before she made her transition, she talked about every day getting newer and newer. She’s been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s book The Mother of Invention. We discussed Conscious Evolution: Creating a Vision of ourselves as a universal species, able to heal the earth, free the people from hunger, disease, and war, explore the vast regions of inner and outer space; connecting with “other life” in a universe of billions of galaxies … and more! The Ask Dr. Dream Show Wednesdays @ 10 AM PST (12 […]

Rewrite Your Story With HeatherAsh Amara

Have you ever wondered if the life you’re living is only a version of a story you’ve been telling yourself… maybe one of scarcity, self-doubt, and fear? You can likely trace that story back to your inner critic, who whispers that who you are isn’t good enough and smart enough, that your dreams are foolish and not even in the realm of possibility… If you’ve worked hard to rewrite your stories, that’s a big step in the right direction – however, they’re still stories, which by definition means they don’t tell the whole truth about who you are. Yet, these stories are so emotionally powerful that we think they ARE the truth, that we ARE who we think we are. […]

Turn Setbacks Into Success with Aurora Winter

I don’t know about you but 2019 was a wonderful year, but it was also a very heart- wrenching year because I’ve never experienced so many loved ones making their transition (aka dying, or “clarifying,” as Abraham-Hicks would say). People have asked me how I’ve made it through such a rough year of so many people I’ve been attached to passing away and I tell them there are quite a few tools in my toolbox that help me during trying times (like the journey I take regularly to Teotihuacan). But, one of my most reliably healing tools is Aurora Winter’s PEACE Method. I can’t wait to share it with you today on the Ask Doctor Dream show today. Today, I’ll […]

Sneaky Hacks to Improve Your Dream Memory

  When you nestle yourself into bed, your “conscious self” goes to sleep. Meanwhile, your “dreaming self” slips out of the covers and tiptoes upstairs to the attic of your mind to explore the enchanted realm of dreams where you are transported to a vast, multidimensional playground of unlimited possibilities. In the realm of dreams you can peruse the tale of your past or future, learn a topic of fascination, con- verse with a departed loved one, study at the feet of a master, find an answer to a perplexing question, discover the solutions to a health challenge, or explore the larger story of your life. Yet for most people, by the time the alarm blares all the magic is […]

High-Vibe Crystal Healing That Will Rock Your World!

Every day, more and more people around the world are experiencing the power of crystals for working through illness, developing a stronger sense of purpose, and even going out of body and visiting past or parallel lives. On the show today we’re going to learn about how to work with crystals to release negative baggage, improve your health, balance your energy, and connect to spirits and guides. Master crystal healer Jolie DeMarco is the perfect guide to help us do this, she’s the author of, High-Vibe Crystal Healing, and will teach us about which crystals and stones best align with your specific physical ailments, emotional blockages, and spiritual-elevation goals.   The Ask Dr. Dream Show @ 10 AM PST (12 […]