Exclusive Behind the Scenes


Enjoy this exclusive, behind the scenes conversation with some of the contributors to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions as part of our Virtual Book Launch Party!

AmyNewmarkIn this interview you’ll hear from my amazing co-author, Amy Newmark, who also happens to be the publisher and editor in chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

She shares with us what its like to read hundreds of thousands of inspirational stories for a living!

JulieIsaccWe share the bizarre series of synchronicities that led to Amy and I connecting…by a very special angel, Julie Isaac—who we’ve now dubbed the “Godmother of our book”!

You’ll hear Julie share about how Twitter has played a role in some incredible connections and miracles in her life…leading her to be a catalyst for the behind the scenes magic of this book.

You’ll meet contributors to the book, like…

DebbieSpectorWeismanDebbie Spector Weisman talks about her dream story (#25) “The Curious Riddle of the Codpiece”, about how it symbolizes being too protective of herself. And how, because of her dream, she decides to take more risks and move forward with her career and life.


JennyKarnsJenny Karns shares about her “Diving In” dream (#57)-she ha mysterious ailment dreams about not being heard, then going swimming with a foster girl, wakes up and decides to “take the plunge” and become a court advocate for a young girl—which becomes the mysterious medicine that helps heal her physical symptoms.

JaneECarltonJane E. Carlton in her story, “Finding My Family” (#7) receives a clear message to “GO TO ANCESTRY.COM”, and discovers her father’s unknown first family; then has dream and sees a clear image of a man that turns out to be her grandfather. She, who used to only have a tiny nuclear family, has since discovered relatives all over world.

DianeDeMasiJohnsonDiane DeMasi Johnson, shares about her dream, “No One Listened” (#81) where she dreams of bleeding out while nurse and doctor ignore her. She realizes her family isn’t listening and she is letting it happen. Because of this clarity, she’s become proactive and assertive.

WalterBerryWalter Berry, in “A Smiling Journey in Darkness” (#21) he talks about how in dreams he was fearless when it came to death in dreams…but in real life he was a “death chicken”. Until his dream two dreams (one of them about the Dahlia Lama) showed death is a continuum of life…and now he’s can deal in a peaceful way with people (and pets) when they make their transition.

LauraFredricksonLaura Fredrickson shares about “My Priceless Dream” (#55). She discusses that after her parents killed themselves how she (understandably) became suicidal herself. Then a disturbing dream reveals the way out. She is now a life coach who teaches people that no matter what challenges they have they are priceless.

JoanGelfandJoan Gelfand shares about her series of Key dreams (“The Key #74), where over the years her romantic partners keep giving her a key (which she refuses). Until one day (in waking reality) she receives a key and realizes the key to her true power is beyond whoever her partner is. This serial monogamist has since been married over 20 years.

Kelly-DreamingAnd me, through tears, I discuss my “Mosaic” dream (#1), that turns out to be key to counseling a family who had just received (in waking reality) a mosaic of their deceased son’s photos.

If you enjoy this…feel free to share it with your friends…and read more about the stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams & Premonitions!

May your wildest & most wonderful dreams all come true,

Kelly Sullivan Walden