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10 Best Things You Can Do to Enhance Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever woken up in a dream and realized you were dreaming? It’s not always like they showed us in the movie, “Inception”…but…kinda.. . When you become aware that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, it’s called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams can be incredibly invigorating, eye-opening, and empowering no matter where you go or what you do. The spiritual implications of lucid dreaming are vast, and on the show today dream expert, author, and founder of the Dream Science Foundation, Bob Hoss and I will discuss the 10 best ways you can access higher dimensions of your wisdom via lucid dreaming, and positively impact not only your dreamscape, but your career, your love life, and your overall life experience. CALL […]

[VIDEOS] Dreaming of Celebrities? 5 Things it Says About YOU

Hi Dreamy, Still buzzing from the Academy Awards last Sunday? I have a hunch we’re having more star-studded dreams than normal-so, you may be wondering: What the BLEEP does it means when a celebrity makes an appearance in my dream? On the “Ask Doctor Dream” show today I’ll be joined by King Dreams-a-Lot (aka Walter Berry) and he and I will help you get down and dreamy with insight about your celebrity dreams (and whatever else has been going on in your nighttime dream theater), so call in with your dreams: 816-251-3555   In the meantime…here’s a hint about the first thing to do when a star struts into your dream… ask yourself these questions upon awakening: “What larger-than-life quality is this celebrity […]

There’s no such thing as death…

Dannion Brinkley’s NDE / Near Death Experience is perhaps the world’s most well-known  NDE / Near Death Experience. Officially dead for over 28 minutes, he has written two Best Selling books about his NDE experiences – He has had more than one Near Death Experience. It was Dannion’s first NDE / Near Death Experience that brought the terms NDE / NDEs and Near Death Experiences into the mainstream consciousness. Kathryn has had two of her own epic NDEs and has been divining universal signs, symbols and patterns for over 30 years, as a gifted intuitive, tarot master, numerologist and astrologer. We’ll also talk about what it means to die in a dream (spoiler alert: not what you might think!). *** […]

Join me live (10am PST) & learn 2 turn the relationship of your screams into the relationship of your dreams!

Do you find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster of extreme highs and lows in your relationships? Have you ended your relationship more than once, only to get back together and continue the same dysfunctional patterns? Does the bond of the relationship remain strong even when you’ve been out of contact for long periods of time? By answering yes to any of these questions, you are acknowledging one of several different types of karmic relationships in your life. Join me and my guest, Charles Richards, Ph.D. as we explore your dreams and your subconscious mind to get armed with understanding to heal hidden wounds, release the very karma and emotions that are keeping your relationships in destructive cycles, and transform the relationship of your […]

Do you dream about departed loved ones? Wanna talk with them?

Hi Dreamy! World-renowned Vincent Genna, is a triple power Psychic – an authentic and gifted psychic with the knowledge and experience of a licensed psychotherapist, and the big, charming personality of a showman. He combines his early background as a professional actor and singer, a Masters in Clinical Social Work and his Hospice experience helping more than 500 patients through the dying process, with his uncanny skills as a metaphysician and psychic medium. The sum total of these experiences and gifts is a Psychic who can guide people not only to recognize what is preventing them from healing or attaining their dreams, but the necessary steps to get there. www.Unity.FM *** Join me today at 10 am PST (12 pm CST, 1 pm EST) on! […]

Virtual Reality for Lucid Dreaming

Did you know that using VR (virtual reality) before going to sleep you could increase your ability to direct and create lucid dreaming, as well as enhanced creativity, self-confidence, , pain reduction, problem solving, fun, and even spiritual exploration? Join Dr. Christopher Harz, a psychologist who’s worked on over $500 million worth of Virtual Reality projects for the US military, NATO, Israel, to name a few. We will explore his process of spiritual engineering and Mixed Reality games for both work and entertainment. On this show we will discuss some simple (as well as high tech) solutions to enhance your dreams to help you access your spiritual potential. Join me today at 10 am PST (12 pm CST, 1 pm EST) on! The Ask Doctor […]

Increase Your Success and Abundance with Feng Shui & The Law of Attraction

Featured in the worldwide phenomenon, “The Secret,” Marie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of Energy, Quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and ancient Wisdom like Meditation, Feng Shui and Dowsing to support individuals, organizations and corporations to transform their success, financial situation, relationships, motivation and inspiration. Join me today at 10 am PST (12 pm CST, 1 pm EST) on! The Ask Doctor Dream Show @ 10 AM PST! With Kelly Sullivan Walden Decode your DREAMS to AWAKEN your sleeping GIANT! ™   TUNE IN BY CLICKING HERE!

I Hope I Screw This Up with Spiritual Comedian Kyle Cease! [AGAIN]

I Hope I Screw This Up! That’s true…and it also happens to be the book title of the amazing Spiritual Comedian, Kyle Alan Cease from #EvolvingOutloud –he’s the first guest on my new radio show that airs TODAY on Unity Online Radio! Call in: all in: 816-251-3555 or Listen live: #StopBeingAfraidOfMakingMistakes #Flawsome Have you ever dreamed you were on a stage with thousands of people watching you, but you forgot to wear clothes or panicked because you forgot what you wanted to say? If you’ve ever had stage fright in waking life or in dreams, or even on a date, Kyle Cease shares with Kelly Sullivan Walden to a new way to overcome fear, so you can live the […]