Month: March 2019

Can Your Dreams Make You Rich?

Be honest, have you ever tossed and turned at night over an overdue debt, jolted awake in a cold sweat dreaming of a lost purse, or awoken with a smile because you dreamed of an unexpected windfall? Our dreams are a reflection of our real-life fears, struggles, aspirations, attitudes and beliefs about the mighty green, and on today’s show, we’ll explore the best ways to mine the gold from your dreams. Join me LIVE today at 10 am PST, 11am CST, 12 pm EST, and share your dream, and I’ll show you the hidden riches that lie within! Today’s show is dedicated to you and your dreams, so call in and ask Doctor Dream about the hidden meaning in your dream: 816-251-3555  […]

[Video] Can your dreams help you awaken to the body of your dreams?

First, allow me to wish you a very happy EQUINOX!   At 2:58pm PDT we’ll arrive at the moment when the harmony of night and day is in balance. Equinox = Equal. The questions to ask yourself today is: What would a balanced life look like to you? And, what will you do to get your life, your dreams, your inner and outer world into balance? One place that many of us are out of balance is with our bodies…or with our thoughts about our bodies…and it’s not just a female thing-it comes with the territory of having a body. Can we change the outcome of our dreams to better our health? How is that possible? So many people dismiss dreams when they […]

Seriously — The 10 Best Things You Can Do To Become a Lucid Dreamer [REPLAY]

Because of the deep fascination so many people have with lucid dreaming, coupled with the fact that Dr. Robert Hoss has such simple and practical tools to improve our lucid dreaming, we’re replaying last week’s show. As you listen, take notes, and if you do even one thing Dr. Hoss suggests, you will absolutely become a more empowered lucid dreamer! Enjoy this replay with dream expert, author, and founder of the Dream Science Foundation, Dr. Robert (Bob) Hoss as he discusses the 10 best ways you can access higher dimensions of your wisdom via lucid dreaming and positively impact all areas of your life. .

Robert Moss!

Bring guidance and energy from your dreams into your day-to-day life Discover how your dreams can awaken you to a deeper order of reality Discover how to to practice magic through the art of conscious dreaming For centuries, shamans around the world have used dreams as portals to travel intentionally to locales beyond the ordinary, bringing back gifts of wisdom for healing and protection. Now you too can discover exciting, magical ways to dream yourself into other realms, times, and healing places…. and how to bring back your discoveries to bring more joy, possibility, and well being into your everyday life. On Saturday, March 16, bestselling author and dream shaman Robert Moss will share a taste of this fascinating way […]

10 Best Things You Can Do to Enhance Lucid Dreaming

Have you ever woken up in a dream and realized you were dreaming? It’s not always like they showed us in the movie, “Inception”…but…kinda.. . When you become aware that you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming, it’s called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams can be incredibly invigorating, eye-opening, and empowering no matter where you go or what you do. The spiritual implications of lucid dreaming are vast, and on the show today dream expert, author, and founder of the Dream Science Foundation, Bob Hoss and I will discuss the 10 best ways you can access higher dimensions of your wisdom via lucid dreaming, and positively impact not only your dreamscape, but your career, your love life, and your overall life experience. CALL […]