Month: February 2019

[VIDEOS] Dreaming of Celebrities? 5 Things it Says About YOU

Hi Dreamy, Still buzzing from the Academy Awards last Sunday? I have a hunch we’re having more star-studded dreams than normal-so, you may be wondering: What the BLEEP does it means when a celebrity makes an appearance in my dream? On the “Ask Doctor Dream” show today I’ll be joined by King Dreams-a-Lot (aka Walter Berry) and he and I will help you get down and dreamy with insight about your celebrity dreams (and whatever else has been going on in your nighttime dream theater), so call in with your dreams: 816-251-3555   In the meantime…here’s a hint about the first thing to do when a star struts into your dream… ask yourself these questions upon awakening: “What larger-than-life quality is this celebrity […]