Month: September 2017

Sharing this dream

Can’t believe I’m sharing this dream out loud, BUTT here goes (pun intended) Spoiler Alert: It has a little something to do with my derriere. There’s a part of me-the conservative, blushes easily part-that can’t believe I’m sharing this dream out loud, in public. I’m sharing because I was told by several teary-eyed people that this dream, and the subsequent poem I wrote about it in an attempt to heal my disease to please, could be helpful to others. Might this be you? If it’s not you, then please forward this to the recovering people pleasers in your life. In this video (, I share about one of my personal nightmares and how I was called to practice what I […]

Costa Rica is ON!

I promised you a while ago I’d let you know about something exciting I was working on…well, now’s the time! It’s official (drumroll plz), we’re going to… Costa Rica! To celebrate love, self-love, and all the ways that you desire love to manifest in your life, this coming Valentine’s Day (Feb. 11-18th-I know it seems a long time from now-but, you know how time flies…) I’ll be taking a group of dreamy travelers to Costa Rica-this is a place that’s been on my bucket list for a long, long time. I’ve joined forces with some dear friends of mine, a mother-daughter team (Lena and Isabella). Lena is one of those people who truly is INSPIRATIONAL (and deserves all caps). When […]