Month: June 2017

What happens in Teo, stays in Teo

What Happens In Teo, Stays in Teo First of all, Teo, in case you’re wondering is a nickname for Teotihuacán. And, in case you’re still wondering, Teotihuacán is an ancient power place 30 minutes north of Mexico City-and it means “The place where men become God.” Believe you me, I didn’t kick up my heals at the first hint of an invitation to Teo-quite the opposite. I was quite content reading don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The 4 Agreements” from a cozy, safe distance, hundreds of miles from the pyramids and the energy that I felt would most certainly stir the pot of my life. But, life had other plans for me…because some pots are just screaming to be stirred. My […]