Month: March 2017

My Lent Game and get your Shero on

“I’m wondering if you’re giving up something (or adding something delicious to your repertoire) this Lent?” asked my #LipsticMystic friend, Nancy Telzerow. “Since you asked,” I blurted without thinking (which as it turns out, is my style), “I’m giving up being late.” As you’ve heard me share in other emails, posts, or blogs, I have a tendency to tango with time in, let’s just say, not the most grace-filled way. My excuse is that there’s just so much on my over-filled plate-It’s hard to say YES to life and be on time…all the time. Can you relate? But, here’s the thing, when I look at time like it’s a game (a dreamy game), I rock at it. So, that’s what […]