Month: January 2017

There is no place like ommmm

The day before the Women’s March in Los Angeles I received an email from a friend warning me to be prepared because it could get ugly. She cautioned there might be people protesting the march and she gave me a list of strategies to avoid getting swept up in the violence, including staying out of the center of any frenzy, and writing my name and an emergency contact phone number in black marker on my arm in case I got caught in a police raid (so someone would know that it was me and who to call on my behalf). She shared about how her sister had recently been with a group, praying, holding hands, in a peaceful protest and […]

Join me as I return to Oz (Dr. Oz that is)!

You may have heard through the grapevine that I taped another segment of Dr. Oz last month…and you may be one of the people who asked me to let you know when it would air. Whether or not this was you, I just was informed by the producer that it will air either this Friday (January 27th) or next Monday (January 30th)…most likely on Monday. I’m excited for you to see it, not just because I want to share a career highlight with you, but because I think you’ll really LOVE the #ShockingPremonitions stories shared on the show. I don’t want to spoil it for you, let’s just suffice it to say that (I’ll be a million bucks) after viewing, […]

I dated a racist bully

I dated a racist bully. He didn’t walk up to me, stick out his hand and say, “Hi, my name is ____, and I’m a racist bully who thinks everyone who doesn’t look like me, think like me, and worship like me is wrong and should be killed, damned to Hell, or at least sent to the other side of the planet.” No. This is not how he introduced himself to me. He seduced/introduced himself to me with his good looks, wicked sense of humor, and powerful stride that charmed the pants off me while taking my breath away. It wasn’t until I was locked and loaded (in love) that I discovered he was proud to be associated with the […]

Did you feel the earthquake?

The first jolt felt like a semi-truck had run into my house at full speed. The second jolt made me feel like Jessica Lange being tossed like a salad by King Kong. I jumped out of bed (in all my naked glory) and proceeded to run back and forth across my bedroom floor as if I was auditioning for the role of Chicken Little. When I realized it was an earthquake…a big one, I threw my bathrobe on and ducked beneath my table (the sturdiest thing I owned at the time) while all my earthly possessions fell off shelves. All the earthquake drills in elementary school paid off. “Stop, Drop, Tuck and Roll,” was my mantra. Stop running around. Drop underneath something sturdy. […]

The Shamanic Power of Active Dreaming

For centuries, shamans around the world have used dreams as portals to receive guidance, healing and transformation from all the levels and dimensions of reality. Yet, you don’t need to be a shaman to explore your dreams in this way. The capacity for this type of time travel and wisdom seeking is available to all of us — you merely need to know the approaches and practices that can take you there. If you’d like to discover how to explore dreaming as an opportunity to access profound guidance and understanding of your everyday life — as you travel beyond your personal self to dimensions that transcend time and space — then I have a very special invitation for you! On […]


I feel like a woman between worlds. It’s been… 3 weeks of being unplugged to cell, internet, or technology in any way (after my purse was stolen while traveling) 2 two weeks back home in LA from Guatemala and Colombia 1 week with a new replacement phone and laptop The day after I got my new phone and laptop I caught a cold…that has lingered all week. Hmmmmm…what could this be about? While journaling I asked myself, “Why did I get this cold?“ The answer that blazed itself across the pages of my journal was this:  “As much as it was traumatic and dramatic getting when your purse stolen with all your important ‘stuff’ in it, once you accepted it, […]

Top 10 Things I learned

Top 10 Things I learned from having my purse stolen & a 21 day-challenge gift for you! Happy New Year and Happy Dreams for 2017 Top 10 Things I Learned From Having My Purse Stolen I’ve had a very interesting December-one I share with you in this video. Let’s just put it this way…there are blessings in every challenge…lemonade in every lemon…and guacamole in every avocado (minus a few ingredients…and I know because I just had a mountain of guacamole in Guatemala!). Without further ado (I know you don’t have much time…you’ve got a New Year’s Party to go to for God’s sake!) CLICK HERE to find out the TOP 10 Things I Learned From Having My Purse Stolen. I hope you […]