Month: November 2016

Heal Your Heart with Art

A Broken Heart is an OPEN HEART. ~Aurora Winter If you’ve been devastated by the recent election results and feel at a loss as to what to do with the pain…please don’t repress, but EXPRESS yourself…and alchemize it into beauty. If you know me you know that I am generally an optimistic, sunny-side up kind of person, who can always see the bright side of things… But that’s not been the case for the last few (post-election) days. My heart has felt like a tractor ran over it…I’ve been so heart heavy, heart sick, and heart-broken…the way I felt after September 11th…devastated. As a firm believer that good can come from even the most horrible circumstances, I prayed to be […]

I “think” I know why people Mosh

I “think I know why people Mosh… In my attempt to win the coveted, “Step-mom of the year award” (in my own mind) I cancelled my dream circle last week and my husband and I accompanied my step-daughter, Meesha, to a Sevendust (heavy metal) concert. It was her birthday wish…and far be it from me to say no when she wants me to come with her someplace. It took a long time for her to accept me as her dad’s wife…and now that she’s in my life (my husband’s and my answered prayer), when she wants me to join her anywhere, the first word to leave my lips is, “Yes!” The second words to leave my lips are, “Now, where […]