Month: September 2016

Surprise for you!

Here’s a dream-a-licious surprise for you! Have you ever had one of those “wish-fulfillment” type of dreams where you felt like you were on top of the world, flying high, had the answers to the universe, felt all the love in the world…and then you woke up? Wa wa waaaaa Were you like me (in the past) and you tried to get back into that dream but became frustrated because you couldn’t. In my world I find myself often saying, “A dream isn’t over just because you woke up!” A dream exists on a plane that runs parallel to the world we identify as “the real world” and it can be accessed by the power of thought (aka meditation). Dipping […]

Celebrating Fall Equinox by honoring my Toppling Tree pose.

Thanks to my dear friends Laurie Goldy and Cara Soufer, who- independent of one another-and within the same week, touted the benefits of Hot Yoga to me as the “hottest thing in L.A.” (pun obviously intended), and that I really should try it. “Where else can you get a great work out, stretch, sauna, and meditation all within an hour?” Now, I’m not one for shoulding all over myself…but I had to admit (multi-tasker that I am), they piqued my interest. So, I tried it, and in spite of nearly blinding myself with buckets of sweat washing into my eyes, I actually love it. Correction: I love how I feel AFTER. During the workout, not so much. While in the […]