Month: August 2016

Empowerment is a funny thing

Empowerment isn’t a fluffy thing to me. I use the word, “empowerment” in almost every sentence I speak, write, and it’s the theme of every coaching session, workshop, or blog post I write. Why? Because, as much as the word is overused (mostly by me) it is important to me it’s because I know it’s absence. I was a very empowered little girl, but, like a fish in water, didn’t know the difference so I didn’t value it. But when I hit a wall in my mid 20’s and my people-pleasing stopped working, and I’d given all my power away to all the people I thought were so important, and I was left high and dry, I hit a place […]

We are all broken.

We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in. Do you ever feel like something’s missing? Like you’re broken or your life is just incomplete? Or have you ever felt like giving up? How many of us have just wanted to give up when we feel so beat up and broken by life? An unhealthy body, challenging relationships, or an empty pocketbook puts fear in the driver’s seat, and our daily mantra becomes, “why me?”! What most of us don’t realize that … It’s at this point we are most open to the miraculous! As Ernest Hemingway so beautifully expresses it; “We are all broken. That’s how the light gets in.” Are you ready to let your perfectly imperfect light […]

I’m declaring a truce with my battle with TIME!

I’m declaring a truce with my battle with TIME! I admit it, time and I haven’t always been the best of friends. I’ve resisted time, argued with it, rebelled against it, been passive-aggressive with it, overwhelmed by it, in scarcity of it, and in short, felt pushed around and victimized by it, and at the same time holier than thou about it. Here’s a sample of my side of my argument with time: “I’m a free-flowing spiritual being having a human experience, I’m not going to be confined by such a small-minded, man-made convention! I’m just going to ignore it and pretend it’s not there. After all, my favorite moments in life happen when time flies and I completely lose […]

Why Some People Are Good At Everything They Do

Why Some People Are Good At Everything They Do There are common virtues that reside inside all successful people. A strong work ethic, yes. A certain level of intelligence, certainly. Ambition, and a belief in oneself, most definitely. But success is a curious thing, and sometimes the virtues and beliefs we hold, while the cause of success in one area of life, often don’t lead to success in other areas. Think of the workaholic with a miserable marriage. The loving family, but with no money to send their children to college. The rich CEO, who hasn’t taken a vacation in years. Having it all. Money, love, fulfillment, happiness, respect, time, etc… is HARD. It’s easy to sacrifice one area of […]

Talk about ending on a high note!

Talk about ending on a high note! Just finished interviewing Marianne Williamson about her book ‪#‎Tears2Triumph‬ on my grand finale of on 1150 KKNW Lee Richard McCormick, Anna Darrah and I share about your wonderful questions here…they opened up quite a discussion! Take a listen to the show: