Month: April 2016

Are you in pain from a past or present breakup?

Are you in pain from a past or present breakup? Are you in pain from a past or present breakup…with a lover, job, or marriage? Did your dream of happily ever turn into a nightmare? Are you afraid of opening your heart again to the dream of true love? The pain (actually torture) of breaking up (for most of us) is not only hard to do, but often leaves the most lovely and loving people acting like animals and feeling like road kill on the side of the road. Sorry to be so graphic, but, speaking from experience, this is how it feels…and when this happens we’re not exactly excited to get back out in the dating pool with an […]

What if chasing dreams are our biggest opportunity

What if “chasing” dreams are our biggest opportunity (in disguise) for spiritual growth? I call this dream: The Cyclops Lumberjack (don’t be scared…spoiler alert…there’s a happy ending)… I’m running for my life through the woods, trying to narrowly escape an a Cyclops lumberjack from killing me. I duck into a wood cabin and hide under a table, cover my head. I know he can see me and I’m doomed. Before it’s too late, I whisper, “Why are you trying to kill me? What do you want from me?” The Cyclops Lumberjack responds, “I’m not trying to kill you, I’m trying to PROTECT you! You’ve been so airy-fairy lately that I have to chop away all the funky energy from the […]

Can you program your dreams?

Can you program your dreams to have a more successful life? What if you knew you were a Lottery Winner…of the spiritual kind? What if you woke up and realized that you are an unrepeatable phenomena? What if you realized that regardless of your struggles, you’ve won the lottery as evidenced by the miracle of our presence in a physical body here on earth? In fact, consider that the chance of you being born is a billion to one. You are a living, breathing, miraculous lottery winner…surrounded by billions of other lottery winners…most of whom have forgotten they are lottery winners! Ok (you might be thinking), “Blah blah blah…I know I’ve spiritually won the lottery…but it would sure be nice […]

What do E.T.s dream?

What do E.T.s dream? I’m not joking when I say I keep hearing about people’s E.T. dreams…more and more every day…and that’s not just when I’m on Coast to Coast with George Noory…it’s even when I’m on main stream radio like DrEx Radio in San Francisco…It’s wild! In fact, I’ve been having them myself lately. Last week I dreamed of the cutest, sweetest, green, noodle-ish alien flying Dana and I (and a bunch of the kids from The Change Is Me International) through outer space-we began to flip around and the alien was spinning the opposite direction in his chair counterbalancing the topsy-turvy-ness of our ride…and eventually balanced us out. I thought, “How sweet…he just took one for the team!” […]

find out how dreams can make you bionic-seriously

Unzip your dreams with me & find out how dreams can make you bionic-seriously When I share about the benefits of dreams I’m reminded (ok, I’m totally dating myself right now) of the introduction to the “Bionic Man/Woman” series back in the late 70s.—“they can rebuild her…only better, stronger, faster. CLICK IMAGE FOR VIDEO But, it’s true. There’s the surviving version of us that is limping along through life. And there’s the thriving version of us that is flying, dancing, singing, and having a magical adventure in this 3-D dream of ours. Dream recall helps us do that…and that’s what we’ll talk about on the show today! But, most importantly, we’ll be talking about YOU and your dreams. Call in […]