Month: February 2016

Coast to Coast TONIGHT @10pm PST, Shamanic Dreaming & Windy City LIVE

Why do angels fly? Because they take themselves lightly! It’s always refreshing to see the silly side of someone who is typically very serious and professional…like I had the privilege of doing this past Saturday at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles with Mr. Coast to Coast himself,  George Noory! I was honored to be among an esteemed group of metaphysical trailblazers, death survivors, and Ancient Alien aficionados, like  Dannion Brinkley, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Mike Bara, David Wilcock &  Swami Beyondananda on a metaphysical version of the 1970’s game show Match Game. It was hysterical! But, all silliness aside (just kidding…that’s not possible with me), join me for a deep dive into dreaming as I discuss the principles of […]

I have to admit, I was nervous about my PLAYBOY (radio) interview LIVE NOW

I have to admit, I was nervous about this interview on Playboy radio…afraid it might me a bit to, shall we say bom-chicka-bom (if you know what I mean). My book is the Love, Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary, but I basically have a PG13 message…and I was afraid this interview would push my limits. It did. But not in the ways I thought. The host, Miyoko Rifkin (@AskMiyoko), blew my mind…not in a sexual way…but in a truly soulful way. First of all, she’s the world’s most outrageous pole dancer (if it were an Olympic sport, she’d be a gold medal winner), but she was deep, asked insightful questions, and basically, she’s my new bff. The interview was truly […]

Miracles were grounds for his dismissal!

Did you ever see the movie Patch Adams? That movie so touched my heart and I think about it every time I visit someone in the hospital. The notion that you can bring humor into a hospital room and heal someone is so radical…and makes so much sense! Dr. Bernie Siegel is Patch Adam’s brother from another mother. He’s demonstrated the power of humor and alternative modalities to heal in his career as a surgeon and has written about it in over a dozen New York Times bestselling books… …and he’ll be my guest TODAY (Friday, 10-11am) on #DreamsUnzipped!!! LISTEN LIVE Call In: 888-298-KKNW (5569) If you have questions about dreams, humor, or alternative healing JOIN ME! Check out […]

Dr. PAT ALLEN & JOHN GRAY recordings are ready & PLAYBOY is coming up!

In the spirit of February being the month of LOVE I’ve had the privilege of being up close and personal with some incredible #LoveSexRelationshipDream gurus and I’m so excited to share with you what I’ve learned. If you missed my interview with JOHN GRAY (of the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” phenomenon) here’s the recording. My dear friend Betsy Chasse (of the “What the Bleep” phenomenon) invited me to co-host with her on her #LifeUnscripted radio show…and holy guacamole…was it spicy! John Gray shared with us about how: *Unconditional love is great to strive for but it isn’t what we really want or can provide *#AlphaWomen can stop being so bossy, chill out and have deep, satisfying […]

#1 HOT NEW RELEASE! & Should I be ashamed of my Dirty Dreams?

This is very exciting…thanks to you,  The Love Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary is a #1 HOT NEW RELEASE ON AMAZON.COM! Thank you for buying the book, giving a shout out about it, sending a prayer, lighting a candle, or at the very least keeping your scathing reviews to yourself (jk!) If you haven’t jumped on the dream bandwagon yet–there’s still time to get your book and all the amazing dream bonuses that come with it TODAY: To get your Valentine’s Day gifts from me is as easy as 1-2-3: Step 1. Purchase your copy of  The Love Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary (copy your order number – that’s your proof of purchase) Step 2. Click here and put […]

Jenny McCarthy Radio @ 8amPT 2day & your V-Day gifts are ready!!

I’m so excited–Jenny McCarthy invited me to be her guest on her #DirtySexyFunny radio show today (SiriusXM Channel 109, at 8:20am PST)-What a perfect way to kick of TODAY’s launch party for the Love, Sex & Relationship Dictionary, don’t cha think? I hope you’ll join in the ridiculous fun! Now, to get your Valentine’s Day gifts from me is as easy as 1-2-3: Step 1. Purchase your copy of  The Love Sex & Relationship Dream Dictionary (copy your order number – that’s your proof of purchase) Step 2. Click here and put your name, email and order number in the box to the right. Step 3. You’ll be redirected to a page with all your Valentine’s Day gifts (here’s a […]

Dreams of Sex w/ an Ex? [video] & preview of 2morrow’s V-Day gifts!

Is an Ex haunting your dreams? Do you swear you’re over him/her yet they keep creeping beneath the sheets in your dreams? Why is that pesky ex still showing up after all these years? All your exes don’t just live in Texas…most of them live in your deep subconscious and come to call in your nighttime dreams. Dreams of an ex are ex-tremely common and are about venting, sorting out, and processing ties to former lovers and long-forgotten aspects of your own passionate soul. Scroll down to read more about this (and see the video)! Here’s a preview of your Valentine’s Day dream bonus gifts you will receive when you purchase your copy of my new book Tomorrow:  Mark your […]

Your recording is ready!

In case you missed the DreamsUnzipped show yesterday, here’s the recording: It was delicious talking with Renee Piane the #LoveDesigner on my #DreamsUnzipped show yesterday about about all things #LoveSexRelationshipDreams…especially Getting REAL about Love and the simple things we can do to attract more love into our lives, and keep the home fires burning in the relationships we already have. Renee and I have been friends for a quarter century on our own paths–hers the path of love, and mine the path of dreams…and yesterday, like chocolate and peanut butter making a Reese’sPeanut Butter Cup, they converged! Yum! I was also joined on the show by my regular guest, the incredible Walter Berry (aka King Dreams-a-lot) with the […]