Month: April 2013

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 12: Return with the Elixir

Dreaming tribes like the Iroquois of North America, Aborigines of Australia, and the Senoi of Malaysia, believe that your dream is a gift not only for you…but for your entire tribe. In this way, these cultures truly live the philosophy, “As one is lifted, all are lifted.” When you share your dream with your dream buddy, your dream group, or someone in your life with ears to hear, you are sharing a soul-filled gift. Remember, dreams are the language of the soul, and when a dream is shared it can have a medicinal effect not only on the person sharing the dream, but on the person(s) receiving the dream report. Our dreams are an elixir of spirit that can heal […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 11: Resurrection

While remaining on that bridge between sleep and awake your dream wisdom can come shining through like morning sun filtering through your bedroom drapes. Can you stand comfortably on the bridge between worlds and honor both realities as equally valid and true? Once you are complete with writing your dream(s) in your dream journal, spend a few minutes meditating and marinating on the feeling tone or the energy of the dream. If the dream(s) didn’t feel particularly emotional, then contemplate the message of the dream, its guidance, wisdom, and insight. Even if you only recall a dream wisp (i.e. a tree, red shoes, a pink leash) you keep the drawbridge down, creating access between the waking world and the enchanted […]