Month: March 2013

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 10: Journey Back

Just as in stage three you explored the refusal of the call, in this stage you get to deal with the refusal of the return. Many heroes stop (or pause for an indefinite amount of time) at this stage because they figure they’ve been through enough. They really don’t have to remember their dreams and bring them full circle. Warm and cozy in their toasty bed in the early morning hours, as the sun is gently filtering its warmth into their sleep zone, the hero has a critical choice to make. Will he or she leave their dreams on the pillow-floating aimlessly and stillborn (harsh, I know, but true) in the dreamtime? Or will the hero summon the courage to […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 9: Reward

Ok, now the moment you’ve been waiting for…the moment you’ve worked so hard for…the moment you can finally exhale. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You have faced, embraced, aced, and replaced your deepest fear in the Supreme Ordeal so you can now claim your disowned power. You did this by asking your fear, “What gift do you have for me?” “What is your good intent?” or even “Why are you chasing me?” By doing this you have allowed what you thought was going to annihilate you, to actually liberate you. Now that aspect of power is no longer locked in a dungeon…it is yours…and it is back…with a vengeance (in a good way!) Breathe as you integrate this power, strength, beauty, wildness, fierce love, […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 8: Supreme Ordeal

You might be saying, “When does this Hero’s Dream Journey get fun?” Don’t worry…the reward is right around the corner…but first…you must Face, Embrace, Ace, and Replace the energy you most deeply F.E.A.R. As you do this you’ll transform this energy that drains your life force into that which enlivens, awakens, and puts a gale force beneath your wings. Even if you don’t transform your dream creature from the black lagoon into Mary Poppins, at the very least, you will have stopped resisting it. And in so doing, you will have accepted the fact that, as an infinite being, the creature from the black lagoon is one aspect of the spectrum of the eternal, never-ending being you are. The good […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 7: Tests/Allies/Enemies

It could be said that the underlying purpose of our dreams is to regain our power and help us grow into enlightened, awakened versions of ourselves-while here on earth. If this is true then the optimum environment for growth is a perfect storm comprised of challenges, rest, and opportunities to demonstrate our new skills. If we have too much dissonance we become weak; too much softness we become complacent. Lucky for us, our dreams provide us with that perfect storm. Reverend Michael Beckwith says, “Pain pushes until inspiration pulls.” Consider your scary, sinister, hideous dream “enemies” (just like in our waking lives) are actually allies in disguise. They have been carefully cast to haunt our dream theatre in order to […]