Month: February 2013

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 6: Belly of the Whale

Now that you’ve crossed the threshold, from a nighttime dream perspective, this is when you close your eyes to the waking world, and open your inner eyes to the topsy-turvy, Alice In Wonderland-esque terrain of your dreams (or more accurately, Jonas and the Whale-esque ocean). In some way, the Belly of the Whale represents every human’s greatest fear: being isolated, out of control, and overpowered. To most people this “dark night of the soul” is feared as a fate worse than death. The irony is, however, once you relax into it, it’s not so bad. In fact, in the dark of the belly is where the peace that passes human understanding can be found. In the belly of the whale […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 5: Crossing the Threshold

This is the line in the sand that delineates the ordinary from the extraordinary, the mundane from the mysterious; and the awake from the asleep. Often one finds that they can’t just skip across the threshold…because they bump right into the “Guardian” that stands between worlds. This being usually poses a difficult question or riddle to the wannabe dream hero. This is a test to see if they are worthy of passing through. By the time the hero crosses this threshold, they must do so with their whole heart, soul, and body. By struggling to pass this threshold, the wannabe hero demonstrates their commitment to becoming an actual hero, a master of the mystery of dreams. On the level of […]

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 4: Meet the Mentor

Why is it necessary to have a mentor to support you through your hero’s dream journey? What kind of mentor/guide/coach would be sufficient for this task? Once you identify your mentor, how will you work with them? I’ve found that working with a powerful mentor can make or break the hero’s dream journey…especially when times get tough, rough, or even confusing (which they inevitably do.) A great mentor does the miraculous job of connecting their mentee with their own internal wisdom, guidance, confidence, and power. There are a variety of guides and/or mentors you can choose from to support you on your noble quest. One quality a mentor should have is a familiarity with the dream realm. Some people choose […]