Month: January 2013

Hero’s Dream Journey Stage 3: Refusal of the Call

Resistance is something every dreamer and every dream group experiences. We either address our reluctance unconsciously (i.e. with passive aggressive behavior or with plain ol’ rebellion), or we can address it consciously. When you shine a spotlight on resistance-just like with any good shadow-it loses its power. Often the reason for the reluctance (or the out and out refusal) is simply because the call to adventure is inconvenient or in conflict with the ordinary person’s agenda. Consider that the ordinary person has a mile-long list of demands for life, whereas a true hero asks only what life demands of them. Contemplate the following questions: – In what ways do you resist dreamwork? – Do you think you don’t have enough […]

Hero’s Dream Journey – Stage 2: The Call to Adventure

This stage of the journey is about receiving the invitation to participate in this adventure called dream mastery (or dream awakening). There is the saying, “Many are called; few answer.” Consider every night you are being called to embark on a mighty dream adventure. In your waking life you are being called to awaken and profoundly participate in life. Do you resist these opportunities or do you seize them when they come to call? Can you recognize an invitation when it lands in your lap? When life calls, do you answer? Contemplate the following questions: What you are being called to do? What is your relationship to opportunity when it knocks? What are the implications of your response to the […]

Hero’s Dream Journey – Stage 1: Ordinary World

“When just starting out on a new journey it’s only natural to feel vulnerable. After all, it may seem that you have much to lose. But may I remind you that never again, at any other point in your journey, will you have so much to gain as you will if you start today? I’ll take that as a ‘Yes.’” ~TUT, Mike Dooley This stage of the Hero’s Journey relates to ordinary aspects of dream work, i.e. your dream zone (aka your bedroom) and your habits around bedtime. For example learning to “Feng Shui Your Dream Zone” can support you in making an ordinary bedroom into a dream temple, conducive for high frequency dream work. Stage one is also about preparation […]